Backdated news from Tanzania (James Colton)

tanzanian flag
Here is last week’s report (14/3/14)
Thank you for your prayers. Sorry for not writing last Friday but  serious problems. first there was no communication network at the bank  and I and many others could not draw any money. Then I went to the  Internet Cafe and again no Network!
Friday became a wasted day. But  Friday evening was different, it was our Prayer Meeting and I was  leading. I prepared the short Word in Swahili and Pastor Chipamba  checked it beforehand, finding very few mistakes.
Also as I taught I was able to add more and afterwards was told I was using standard Swahili,  no problems. In fact it was a very good prayer meeting as we felt God’s  presence.
Sunday 9 February I brought the Word of God for the morning service, speaking on the Promises of God. At the end about ten people  came forward for prayer in response to the Word of God.
Later I received word that one of them had been in prayer bringing things to God and  that I had answered every point just as if I had been present. That has  to be God and I give Him all the praise and glory.
That evening was  the Pastors Fellowship meeting where we go to a pastor’s church to  encourage him and his church. We went to Pastor Mwambije at Ungindoni,  Mailimoja (a remote part of Mailimoja that takes one hour to walk there  from the bus stand at Mailimoja).
I had been asked to bring the Word of  God. I spoke on “Fulfil your ministry”, Paul’s word to Timothy and I  spoke from 1 Corinthians 15: 57, 58. I felt the anointing of God as I  ministered and the host pastor and all the pastors attending were  blessed and encouraged by the Word. All praise to God.
I returned home  absolutely shattered. Even to spending the entire day Monday resting.  Then feeling very much under the weather, feeling ‘headachey’. But  thankfully today I am feeling a lot better.
Rose has been busy with  our church choir and has got four beats prepared as backing to their singing. They are greatly improving. Rose sends her love and greetings to you. Keep praying for us as your prayers make a difference. I hope to  hear from you soon.
God Bless, James and Rose

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