Ministry news from Kibaha (James Colton)

Trust you had a blessed Easter. Thank you for your prayers as we are seeing great answers to those prayers.
Good Friday morning we had a sevice and I brought the Word of God in Swahili,”Kazi ya Msalaba” (The work of the Cross)  and Rose was leading Praise and Worship.
On Monday evening as a church we met at Mama Wawili’s home to comfort and encourage her after the death of her Father, I was asked to bring the Word of God.By God’s grace I was able to bring the message in Swahili.
This evening (Friday) I will be leading the Prayer Meeting and bringing the Word from James 4: 2 -3 in Swahili.
Then on Sunday I will be teaching the Adult Sunday School –  Shaken and Stirred.
Then Sunday evening is Pastors Fellowship, where we go to encourage a pastor in their church. Sunday we will go to Pastor Betty at Kiluvya and I will bring the Word of God- “There is More”, based on Ephesians 3:20. Both these messages will be delivered by the grace of God in Swahili.
Rose send her greetings. We both continue well but our home has suffered from the heavy rains – there is rain damage on our ceilings and on one wall. But we are not as bad as Pastor Esther, whose church was destroyed by the heavy rains – the river flooded and caused the church to collapse, also I understand her home was also damaged by the rain.
God Bless,
James and Rose

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