Weekly report from the Tanzania mission field (James Colton)

Thank you for your prayers – they are working.

Friday 23 May I led the prayer meeting, beginning with short teaching: “Maombi ni pia kusikia” (Prayer is also to listen). We felt God’s presence  and heard God speaking to us.

Sunday 25 May I taught Adult Sunday School, “Ninasadiki Miujiza” (I believe in Miracles). It was well received. Bishop Mhina was with us to bring the Word of God “God’s Purpose”. But then as Regional Chairman for Operation Christmas Child, to witness and to present our giving out 50 boxes. To our Sunday School Children and to the friends they had brought as part of our outreach God was truly with us in this outreach for we had the exact number of boxes for the children who attended. Before the presentation I gave a brief message about the gifts  and that there is a greater gift from God, the gift of His Son, Jesus. That these gifts represent the love of God for each child. After the service one of the children’s Sunday School teachers spoke with some of the guest children and led some of them to receive Jesus.

Then in the afternoon Pastor Chipamba and I went to the Pastors Fellowship meeting at Bishop Bandora’s Church in Mailimoja. Pastor Chipamba brought the Word of God about Prayer. It was an encouraging meeting.

Tuesday I went to the Regional Immigration Office to collect the renewal forms for my permit. I have begun  filling them in. Do pray for the new permit to be granted – forms have to be in by 19 June.

Wednesday I was teaching the Bible Study and continued on from Sunday Morning by teaching on “The Purpose of Signs, Wonders and Miracles.” Rose was absent as she had been invited to bring the Word of God at Bishop Mganga’s Church at Mwenda Pole. God met with her and mightily worked with her and through her teaching.

Thursday I brought the Test I had prepared for our youth, they had been studying 1 & 2 Thessalonians.

Rose greets you and we continue to pray for you.

God Bless,

James and Rose

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