Support transfered to South Africa (Jenny Holtzhausen)

south africa flag  Today we transferred money to Jenny and the work of the clinic project in South Africa. Many thanks to everyone who supports in this way. Below is a clinic-related testimony taken from the Africa School of Missions latest newsletter.


This is Martha’s* story:

Martha* is 85 years old and watched her daughter Nomsa* die of HIV, TB, Diabetes and Hepatitis. She and the daughter would often argue about her daughter’s lifestyle and habits, the mother telling her daughter that she never listens to her, while the daughter continued to defy her. Before the daughter died the last thing she said to her mother was “I am sorry for all the fighting, please look after my children (3 young adults) and the house”.

Martha* cried deep sobs as she told me her story. She also told me she is living in regret that she fought with the daughter, and when she is alone all she ever thinks about and what keeps going around her head is what she used to say to her daughter. 

I let Martha grieve and then I shared with her, first about asking for forgiveness from God, then explaining that she must also forgive herself. I also explained how I had to forgive myself for returning to South Africa when my mum asked me to stay with her, I explained the regret I had, and also shared that not only did I ask God to forgive me but I also had to forgive myself, that that was the only way to move on.

Secondly I told her about a problem that I had when I was a young Christian, how I would struggle with the enemy putting thoughts in my head that would rob me of my joy. I told her how I spoke to God and asked “I’m not asking why I have this trial, I’m asking when will it end?”

                      God spoke straight back to me and said “When you trust me.”
                                               Martha really listened to this.

I told Martha that whenever she starts thinking about the arguments she had with her daughter or when satan tries to plant negative things in her head, to tell the Lord that she trusts Him. 

An incredible thing then happened, she suddenly looked happier as though a weight had lifted from her shoulders, and she was smiling!                                                        
It was like a transformation and she could not stop thanking the Lord and me. 

I think the enemy lost ground today!!!    Yvonne

*Martha not her real name.

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