Thoughts from 1 Corinthians 5 (Don’t get angry, get heart-broken )

You hear people all the while saying they got angry with this, mad with that or are boiling with rage over something. But what they’re doing is just sharing their negative experiences with whoever will listen.
The best response, when confronted with wrongdoing, is to feel ‘heart-broken’ that something isn’t right. That way you will pray and act in wisdom to help the situation.
Anger inflames and makes things worse but a heart that wants to see things put right will become part of the healing process. Not to mention we keep our peace instead of being tossed  around by whatever comes our way.
Don’t get angry, get heart-broken. Be part of the answer, not the problem.

Rev Stewart Bloor

About Stewart Bloor

Fish a lot. Christian. Work in the world of professional football media. British nature. Passionate about much, obsessed about nothing.

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