Thoughts from Galatians 2 (Be consistent)

Peter was guilty of what a lot of us are at times, he was living one way then the other depending on who he was with. But he wasn’t doing it in a ‘wrong’ way as such, he was trying to please people. And you can’t.
Be yourself, in that context. If you have beliefs then be consistent. Don’t cover them for one group of people then display them for another. Apart from anything else, you’ll be all over the place.
The moment we start to make our views fit whoever we’re talking to, we’re on a slippery slope. Of course we need to sympathetic to the audience, but not at the expense of seriously compromising.

Rev Stewart Bloor

About Stewart Bloor

Fish a lot. Christian. Work in the world of professional football media. British nature. Passionate about much, obsessed about nothing.

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