Weekly update from Tanzania (James Colton)

tanzanian flag

Thank you for your prayers, it has been an amazing two weeks.
On Sunday 13 July Pastor Gary Taverner was with us . He arrived in Tanzania on the Friday to attend Richard Chidundo’s wedding on the Saturday, and then Sunday night went to the airport to fly home. But the day with us was awesome. God used His servant to minister to us all in a mighty way. After the service Gary ministered to me and Rose and also to Pastor Chipamba and his wife.
First for the first time I got my ministry dates mixed up, thinking I was doing seminars this week to 26 July. but in fact were 17 – 19 July. I realised on the Monday afternoon and by the grace of God was able to prepare all mt seminar sessions by Wednesday. Over the three days I taught 8 sessions as Pastor Chipamba was sick and unable to stand for his session on prayer – I stood and taught his session. Also another teacher failed to attend and so I taught an extra session.
I taught Sanctification, Holiness and Unity on Thursday; Fear of the Lord and Holy Spirit Power (Acts 1:8) on Friday; Prayer, Confidence, and  Fulfill Your Ministry on Saturday. Rose was with me on Friday and found herself leading the times of Praise and Worship as well as singing two of her songs.
Having been so busy I had no time to prepare for Sunday 20 July. But God told me to trust Him. Also I received the request to speak at the Pastors Fellowship Meeting Sunday Evening at Bishop Mhina’s church. Thursday morning at 4am God walked me through what I was to teach on Sunday evening; He walked me through the Lord’s Prayer.
Saturday night when I was in the shower God showed me what I was to teach on Sunday morning and explained more to me as I was up early and in prayer at 5am Sunday morning. Without notes and being led by the Holy Spirit I stood and ministered and God richly blessed. We had a powerful ministry time Sunday Morning. Sunday evening was an awesome time and God was working in all that took place. Glory to God.
Wednesday 23 July Pastor Chipamba was to teach the Bible Study but found himself on 24 duty as someone failed to attend . At the last minute Rose took his place and taught the Word of God. This evening (Friday ) I am to teach and lead the Prayer Meeting.
Many greetings and love from Rose. We continue to pray for you.
God Bless,
James and Rose

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