Latest newsletter from Samuel and Maria in Ghana (SGLM)


The latest newsletter from Samuel and Maria in the Cape Coast, Ghana.


SGLM  Samaria Gospel of Love Mission

“Home for God’s Love & Skills Acquisition for Hopeless & Needy”

P.O. Box AD 524, #228 Ola Estate Cape Coast Ghana. Tel. +233-332138591; Via Venezia 27 97019 Scoglitti RG Italy

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Bullettin N°8- June 2014

The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!

The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever! We thank God for His protection and guidance. The various projects are going on well, and God is working according to His goodness and kindness among the students.

Some testimonies of the various projects:

Sewing: Alima, a single mother, Muslim by birth, grew up with her grandparents who are very devoted to their religion. They apart of giving her lessons on Islam, required from her to attend all meetings reserved for women. Since she attending the course of Cutting and Sewing, had a Bible for the first time in her hands and she fall in love of it. She began to ask many questions and expressed a desire to attend to the meetings. Slowly she began to grow, she began to pray, and one Sunday, during the service, she got up to give a testimony reading a bible verse in public for the first time with thanking the Lord. Glory to God! We do not force anyone to change their religion, but before each lesson of Cutting and Sewing we pray and read the Bible, giving a message of life and hope, because our aim is to change lives, to give them a better future .  Long Distance Adoption / Learning by playing: Steven, 9 years old boy, every afternoon stood outside the gate to look shyly other children who studied and played, it was always sad and never smiled. SGLM placed him along with the other children. His neck was bent on one side, he explained to us that it had happened going to get water for his grandmother: the bowl on his head was too heavy and it had bent his neck. The doctors were not able to straighten it, but through prayer God did it. Although he still does not have the sponsorship to

school, SGLM gives him the opportunity to study with the other children. After some time his father meeting one of our volunteers thanked him heartily, because since Steven attended SGLM has improved in school and is always smiling. Steven doesn’t miss any of the meetings and is changing day by day. Every afternoon we have about 40-60 children who come after school, most of them do not have the sponsorship yet, but the volunteers teach them as well as those with sponsorship, helping them with homework, making them play, singing, studying the Bible, and so on.

Then all the people went away to eat and drink, to send portions of food to the poor and to celebrate with great joy, because they now understood the words that had been made known to

them. (Nehemiah 8:12)

Music: Peter is a 13 years old boy grew up on the street, he has  never known the father,  his mom is doing the oldest profession in the world in another city and do not take care of him at all. SGLM is taking care of sending him to school, providing what he needs. Peter is training with the football team as well as learning with the music project. He began studying the piano, the music teacher is very happy with him, he has talent and learns quickly. Peter is changing gradually, instead of going to steal for eating now often comes to the mission where he finds a family that welcomes him with love and always finds a ready meal every time he needs it. Peter also attend to meetings for children and to the Sunday worship.   Football: Alfred is an 18 years old guy who grew up in a poor

family. To survive he has done the most menial and dangerous works. He did not have a place where to stay and slept once with a friend once with an another, he spent most of the time on the street. Since he started training with the boys of SGLM, has not only found a home and a family, but he has changed, he discovered his football talent, and now is one of the best strikers of SGLM Dev. Club. Alfred since lives in the mission is discovering Christ, strives to help in various things and is very helpful. Alfred prays to became a famous footballer in order to help financially the mission SGLM who gives hope and future to the needy. Glory to God!

In The Land, a plot of approximately 18,000mq, that God has given us grace to buy miraculously with very little money, we plan to build the Mission House, the Vocational Training Center, a School for children with dining halls and dormitories, a Pitch for football, a Playground, and everything that needs for the various projects and activities. The boys are ready to contribute growing vegetables, raising chickens and other things to help themselves and the mission. We pray God to provide soon, so little by little we can start building to give a roof to many others and food to more hungry and needy. God is with us, we trust He will provide!

Prayer Points:

1. Let us pray for the various projects for children and young people, may them learn quickly, and also for their spiritual life, may God work in their hearts to have a hope and a future.

2. Let us pray for faithful workers to come and help, with heart and passion to serve. We also pray for volunteers, Bente and Marsha will soon return to Germany, may God send new volunteers to replace them.

3. Pray for finances, may God provide us for the various buildings to see done, so that children and many homeless could be housed and fed.

4. Pray for us, for protection against spiritual attacks and for the challenges we face day after day.

Let’s pray for all the Italian collaborators and supporters, may this crisis cannot stop the work and provide them with everything they need.

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