Ministry news from Tanzania (James Colton)

Thanks for your prayers, we really do appreciate this vital support.
Because of the ministry Rose did in leading Praise and Worship and her own ministry in song last week for Bishop Kasyanju, Bishop Kuguru asked Rose to minister in song at his crusade on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Her ministry was a blessing to all who heard her sing.
Sunday Morning I brought the Word of God, with Moses translating for me. I spoke on “Prepared”; John 14: 1- 4. Heaven is prepared for us but are we prepared for going to Heaven? Heaven is prepared for those who are prepared! Rose was part of the Worship Team leading worship and she sang with the choir.
Wednesday I taught the Word of God for the Bible Study, with Moses translating. I spoke on “Faith that works”.(Pastor Chipamba is on a course for 3 or 4 months in Dar Es Salaam, and is only home at the weekend).
Thursday afternoon was choir practice, held in our house. Anna is our spiritual daughter and is Chairman of the choir; and Rose is Teacher. Anna’s son, Nathan (Father is Jeremiah and Nathan calls me Babu -Grandfather) stayed with the choir, they sang a new song but some struggled with the solo lead part. Nathan surprised everyone by singing it perfectly. I forgot to say Nathan is 5 years old.
Rose sends her love and greetings. We continue to remember you in our prayers. Do remember to email us with your news and prayer needs.
God Bless,
James and Rose

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