Gee, but it’s great to be back home (SICM Sevens)

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Although we’ve had The Summer Cup in between of course, last night saw the return of the main competition, the league. With a number of people passing comment on how good it was to be back, we just had to pinch the opening lyrics from a classic 60’s song.

And talking of keeping your customer satisfied, Allstar Lions will be more than happy, as they shoot straight to the top of the pile after week one’s games. They didn’t have it all their own way though. Cruising 4-0 at the break you’d have expected them to add a few more, but it was Tipton Family Church FC who bounced back.

In fact they edged the second half  3-2, giving the Lions a final score of 6-3. In addition to the goals scored that saw Shep’s sharpshooters go to the top, TFC’s three keeps them off the bottom on goal difference.

Tipton Family Church FC  3     Goals: Dave Law (2), Lee Harris     MOTM: Stewart Bloor

Allstar Lions  6     Goals: Kyle Haden (2), Sam Ralley, Jason Perry, John Morgan, Aaron Lloyd     MOTM: Paul Nash

In second place in the table is Brandhall & Quinton following a 4-1 win over United FC. The game also provided the only hat-trick of the evening, as Adam Chester continued his impressive form. It’s early days yet but even now it’s looking like we’ll have a brand-new name on the Golden Boot this season.

United FC  1     Goal: Matthew Potts     MOTM: Rob Bradley

Brandhall & Quinton FC  4     Goals: Adam Chester (3), Dan Lodge     MOTM: Dan Newby

Kingsbourne, disappointed with missing the cut in The Summer Cup, got off to a good start in the league as they beat Crestwood Town FC 3-1. The short, but sweet, match comments from Kingsbourne summed the  match up perfectly. ‘Good ref, good clean game’.

Kingsbourne  3     Goals: Nathan Spear, Nick Westwood, Tom Barlow     MOTM: Nick Westwood

Crestwood Town FC  1     Goal: Ian Gillett     MOTM: Ian Gillett

Allstar Lions                          1     1     0    0     6     3     3

Brandhall & Quinton FC       1     1     0     0     4     1     3

Kingsbourne                          1     1     0     0     3     1     3

Crestwood Town FC              1     0     0     1     1     3     0

Tipton Family Church FC       1     0     0     1     3     6     0

United FC                                1     0     0     1     1     4     0

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