Weekly news from the Tanzanian mission field (James Colton)

Tan flag august 2014

Thank you for your prayers, they make a difference. Prayers are needed, read on.
Sunday I taught on the requirements for hearing the voice of God; namely Availability, Willingness, Humility.
And Pastor Chipamba’s sermon dove -tailed into my message. God is so good!
Rose was ministering in song with the choir and Nathan was again singing in the choir.
Monday 15 September was the beginning of the Women’s Camp. As Bishop Chidundo was unable to attend to open the camp I was asked to come and open the camp, this involved give a message of encouragement to the women.
Then after lunch I had the first session to teach the women. I spoke on “God’s Power is our Power” – together we looked at the Lord’s Prayer, especially “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We saw that Tanzania is part of “on earth”. Our church and our lives is part of “on earth”.
Prayers needed: In the early hours of Wednesday night, Thursday morning our sleep was disturbed when Rose received a phone call to say that her Mama Kubwa (Big Mother) had died.(That is Rose’s mother’s oldest sister.
She had outlived all her younger brothers and sisters.) Many phone calls were made passing on the news and making arrangements. Then I was busy helping Rose to pack so she could travel to Iringa for the funeral.
They left Mailimoja about 1p.m. and arrived at the village in Iringa  at about 1:15a.m Friday morning. (Rose traveled with some relatives, grandson and family, from Picha Ya Ndege.)
I do not know when will be able to return home. Hopefully on Monday, though we agreed to have a joint celebration for our birthdays on Wednesday, which is Rose’s Birthday.
Again Thank You for your prayer support.
God Bless,
James and Rose


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