Here’s the latest newsletter from Samuel and Maria. The original looks much more attractive, with photos and layout, unfortunately we couldn’t ‘translate’ it so it’s just the words that have been copied and pasted. It still gives an insight into the great work that they do though.

We thank God for answering our prayers by sending a Nigerian couple to serve together
with us here in Ghana.
Tocci and Endurance, these are their names, they have
4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. Pray that God will provide
for their needs.
We also thank God for Francis, God has
given us grace to see a miracle: Francis is reconciled
with his father. For eight years he lived on the streets,
in the midst of many dangers, without a home or a
safe meal. The father, who did not want to know about him before, began to
look for him and he was finally willing to care for it. In December, a year ago,
SGLM found Francis and welcomed him into the big family, at the same time trying to
contact the father and, with the help of God, in September we finally managed to reconcile
them. With great joy we announce that September 26, 2014, we delivered Francis to his
father, for SGLM is a great victory in the name of Jesus. Alleluia!
New place of worship, we thank God for the gift of a sister who has allowed us to rent part
of a house adjacent to the headquarters of the mission, where we could set up the church, a
bedroom, a small bathroom, a small kitchen and a closet. This allows us to give
accommodation to one or two volunteers of the same gender. Glory to God!
Delivery of books and everything needed for
school. For the occasion, as usual we had the gospel
preached, as well as the children were present:
parents, grandparents, uncles, etc.. We thank God for how blessed us
and for the hearts that have been reached with the Word. We also
distributed rice for all children. Glory to God!
Lorenzo from Italy has been with us for a month as a volunteer, helped with the music and
the songs, with the meeting of children, Bible study and practical work, has
been a great blessing for us and for the children, let’s pray that may he return
soon. His testimony: “When the Lord put in my heart to work for a short
period with SGLM, I did not know what I was going to encounter, but already
felt the voice of God whispering to my heart:” Do not be afraid, be strong and
courageous “(Joshua 1: 9). Experiencing the missionary life, I have had to deal
with my own limitations, but with God’s help, I came out strengthened. In
Ghana I understood what it means to live by faith, depending on God for
every need, I learned that there is more joy in giving than in receiving. I thank the Lord for
every child that has given me the honour of serving, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. “It
was really hard to separate myself from the brethren of the mission, they have given and
shown towards me the brotherly love, but I stay close to them in prayer, confident that the
Lord will continue to carry forward the mission under the guidance of His Holy Spirit”.
Angel from Italy has returned and this time he stayed for a
month. He also was a blessing to the mission, especially with
practical work and maintenance. It helped us to renovate the
house, do the doors to the kitchen cabinets, doors, a small
shed and so on … here in the mission work is not lacking. His
testimony: “My second time in Ghana was a very strong
spiritual experience. In the beginning I felt sure I was doing well, but it was not so, because
without realizing it, rather than let myself be guided by the Holy Spirit was doing the things
in my head, something I wrong. Spent a few days of storm, then I realized that God was
putting me to the test, but at the same time He was protecting and correcting me. Again
God showed me His immense love through the staff of SGLM. Understood the mistakes I
had made, I asked for forgiveness and I started from scratch, putting everything in HIS
hands. The following weeks I spent peacefully, working with joy for the LORD, and
continually seeking the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT . This experience has made me
stronger, but I still have much to learn (2 Timothy 3: 14), I love the Lord more and more.
Once again I went to Ghana to give but I received much more. Thank God for the
opportunity gives us every day and makes us grow for HIS immense kindness”.


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