Tan flag august 2014

This morning we have transferred monthly support to James and Rose, so on behalf of the Coltons, many thanks to everyone who supports them in this way. We’re also sending out some of James’ general correspondence (i.e. from banks) later.

Lots of little things go into making life on the mission field successful. One of them is writing a letter to a missionary. Would you be prepared to do this on a monthly basis? If so, get in touch with SICM.

Here’s this week’s report from James and Rose:

Thanks for your prayers and support. But we really would love to hear from you with your news.
Friday was a good prayer night, it was good to be in the presence of God.
Sunday, as Pastor Chipamba was not at church I delivered a short word in Swahili. Making two clear points about the storms in our lives. 1. Devil causes the storms to destroy us, BUT he cannot succeed because we are in Jesus, and as long as we remain abiding in Jesus he cannot win over us. 2. God is able to use the storm to move use from a lower faith level to a higher faith level. Rose was singing with the choir.
Wednesday Rose was teaching the Word of God for the Bible Study. The word was well received.
Tonight (Friday) I am leading both the evening Prayer Meeting and the Night Prayers at 10pm.
Rose sends her love and greetings.
We look forward to hearing from you.
God Bless,
James and Rose

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