1 John 1

The life

Jesus said, elsewhere in the Bible, that he had come that we may have life. And not only that, but life in fulness.
The reason that we can enjoy that quality of life is because he is life. We’re sharing in who he is.
We can only give out what we’ve got and that’s why Jesus can promise fulness to all who follow him.


The life manifested. And the invitation to partake isn’t just something that’s for the future, it has happened and is still happening today.
The reality of the Christian life isn’t a vague promise for the afterlife. It has substance for the present.
It isn’t pie in the sky when we die, but steak on the plate while we wait.


Although salvation is very individual, the Christian life is anything but. We are called into the Body and that means finding our place and being connected to other believers.
A lone wolf is one that has detached himself from the pack and basically does its own thing. There is no room in the Kingdom for lone wolf believers.
Being ‘we’ rather than the ‘I’ shows a desire to be part of the Body, to recognise that we aren’t at the centre if it. Christianity doesn’t revolve around you as an individual.

have seen it

There’s a boldness about this statement. Reading it you aren’t left in any doubt as to the conviction behind it.
The true believer has that strength of understanding. The Christian life is a very real one, it’s not (as many imagine) about putting your trust in someone that you don’t really know whether he exists or not.
You know with certainty that God is there. The early believers saw Jesus for themselves. We don’t have that luxury today, but once you enter in, you know for sure that he’s real.

and testify to it,

When you’ve had a real encounter with God, one that has truly touched and changed you, you can’t remain silent.
It doesn’t mean to say that every single word out of your mouth is directly God-related, but you will be desiring to share your experience with others.
This verse lays down a simple process for the believer. We see and we testify.

and we proclaim

The believer is called to not only testify, but to do so with boldness. When you have a true faith, you want to share it.
The Christian faith isn’t personal, in the sense that you keep it to yourself, rather it’s meant to be shouted from the rooftops.

to you

The gospel is proclaimed to individuals. There may be times when, like seed it is cast widely, but ultimately it is about the individual who receives.
Although lots of people may come to Christ at one time and in one place, for example when an evangelistic meeting is being conducted, it is still personal.
We’re not numbers as far as God is concerned. We are all individual people that are known by him and he desires that we would enter into relationship. That’s why the gospel is proclaimed.

the eternal life,

Jesus is described as the eternal life in the way that a title is bestowed upon someone. And rightly so, as he indeed is exactly that.
And that’s why he is able to offer the same to anyone that will follow him. You can only give out what you have, and in the case of Jesus, who you are as well.
Why put your trust in things that will pass and fade, when you can follow the one who has, and is, eternal life?

which was with the Father
Often as Christians we say, ‘It’s all about Jesus’. And of course, in context, that is absolutely true.
But as we look at the bigger theological picture, we see that God has revealed himself to us in what we call The Trinity.
There’s no competition in the Godhead, there’s no division, just total unity.

and has appeared to us.

The early believers were in a unique position – they had actually seen Jesus. The one thing that no-one could say to them is that they were chasing a myth.
Of course today, that’s not the case and very often we get questioned along the lines of, ‘how do you know God’s real, have you ever seen him?’
Although we may not have witnessed him in the literal way of the original believers, he has still ‘appeared’ to us. He’s as real to us as he was to them.

Rev Stewart Bloor

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