December 2014 fixtures (SICM Sevens)


Monday December 1  2014

Pitch 1. League 35. Allstar Lions v Tipton Family Church FC. Scott Powell

Pitch 2. DBMT 1. Kingsbourne v Crestwood Town FC. Pete Miller

Pitch 3. Friendly. Church On The Rock FC v Dudley FC. Kelvin Brittain

Monday December 8  2014

Pitch 1. League 36. Brandhall & Quinton FC v Kingsbourne. Pete Miller

Pitch 2. DBMT 2.Church On The Rock FC v United FC. Scott Powell

Pitch 3. Friendly. Tipton Family Church FC v Dudley FC. Cancelled

Monday December 15  2014

Pitch 1. League 37. Crestwood Town v Allstar Lions. Pete Miller

Pitch 2. League 38. Kingsbourne v Tipton Family Church FC. Kelvin Brittain

Pitch 3. Friendly. United FC v Dudley FC. No ref required

Monday December 22  2014

Pitch 1. League 39. United FC v Allstar Lions. Kelvin Brittain

Pitch 2. DBMT 3. Crestwood Town FC v Kingsbourne. Scott Powell

Pitch 3. DBMT 4  Tipton Family Church FC v Dudley FC. Jon Nott

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