1 John 1

We proclaim
As we saw in the previous verse, proclamation is important. If you truly believe in something you naturally want to share with others.
That’s true of life in general, so how much more should that be for Christians and the gospel?
And it’s for all believers, not just the selected few. You don’t have to be an evangelist to evangelise.

to you
The point of proclamation is that not only does it have a purpose but it also, and perhaps more importantly, has a focus. And that, in this case, is a person.
The word ‘you’ can be either plural or individual and in specific cases, a look at the original will usually determine which.
But as far as a practical look at this verse is concerned, it’s both. We proclaim the good news to all, and included in that is the individual.

what we have seen
There is a certain amount of repetition in the opening verses. Often when people do that it’s because they’re waffling or trying to fill space.
Here though, it’s neither of those two things. Repetition, in this instance, is an enforcement of the point.
It’s emphasising the fact that what is being written is the product of first-hand experience.

and heard,
Again, more repetition, and for the reasons highlighted above. Never worry about saying the same thing over and over when it’s necessary to make a point.As well as see we have to hear. We observe, but then we have to take the message on board, deep into the inner man. The days of the silent movies were good, but the ‘talkies’ were even better. They brought a new dimension.That’s why we have to hear from God. And truly hear, not just with the natural ears but the inner one – the spiritual ear. It’s only then that we truly walk the path of relationship.

so that you also may have fellowship with us.
The purpose of proclamation is that others would also embrace the invitation of fellowship with God. But before we come to that, it’s important to remind ourselves that relationship is also with our fellow believers. As well as being vertical, the cross is also horizontal. Of course it’s all about Jesus, but it’s also about others as well. The Body of Christ is the fellowship of like-minded people.

And our fellowship is with the Father
To be in fellowship with someone means to be in relationship with them. And that’s exactly what is communicated here.
To be a Christian is more than just knowing about God in our head, it’s having relationship with him in our heart.
It’s an amazing thought, that the one who created the heavens and the earth by simply speaking the word, desires to be in fellowship with mortal man.

The use of the word ‘and’ implies that there is another. Of course we see who that is immediately following.
But this shows us that there is no exclusivity within the Godhead. Many fail to comprehend the practical implications of The Trinity.
It is not about three Gods and certainly not a three-headed God. There is total unity and no competition.

with his Son,
It is biblical to talk about relationship with Jesus. God became flesh and that was manifest in the person of Jesus Christ.
When we become Christians our fellowship is with the fulness of the Godhead. We’re not distant relatives but rather sons and daughters of the living God.

Jesus Christ.
There is much evidence that Jesus Christ was a real person so the idea that he’s just a fictional character is not really relevant.
What we have to decide therefore, is exactly who he was. A good man? A teacher? A prophet? Or the Son of God.
In reality he was all those, but the message of the Bible is that most importantly he was God in the flesh.

 Rev Stewart Bloor

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