1 John 1

Although faith is an individual thing, there is still a corporate element to it. There is no place in the Kingdom for the loner, all believers are meant to fit into the Body.
There is strength in numbers, especially when people are like-minded. In this instance as well, the fact that the letter is written ‘we’ as opposed to ‘I’, shows corporate endorsement.

There is something about the written word that carries more weight than just that which is spoken. When something is serious you often hear people say ‘Get it in writing’ as it then becomes more concrete.
Also when we are dealing with the written word there is less room for confusion. It’s written, it’s clear, you know what it says. That’s why the Bible is written.

There’s something specific that’s being recorded. The message of the Bible isn’t vague or open-ended. Rather it is straightforward and has clarity.
Sometimes you hear people say that the Bible is a book of mysteries that no-one can fathom. Personally I see it as as well-presented and an easy to read insight into the mind of God.
Don’t complicate that which doesn’t need it. God wants us to understand and grasp his word; he isn’t going to over-complicate it so that only the chosen few have insight.

to make
There is a purpose in the writing. It isn’t just for the sake of it but rather there is an intention to create something. This should be the goal of all that we do.
There needs to be something to show at the end, otherwise it’s incomplete. You can go so far or you can go the whole way. It’s the latter that achieves.

Unity is being emphasised. There is a deliberate focus on the plural as opposed to the individual. It doesn’t matter what you’re involved in, there’s always greater clout when numbers are involved.
One man can maybe speak with a certain authority, but when lots are involved there’s definitely more credibility. Kingdom business is best done collectively.

There is a difference between happiness and joy in the sense that the former can be snatched from us due to circumstances beyond our control. A tragedy happens in your life, you’re hardly likely to be happy.
But joy is deeper and it finds its source in something other than external situations that just make us happy. ‘The joy of the Lord is our strength’.
We won’t always be happy but there’s no reason for us to lose our joy.

There is a fulfilment in serving God, there’s also the same in serving others. In fact, if you’ve got the former, the latter will naturally follow.
Service brings satisfaction. The more selfless we are in life, the greater the sense of completeness we will feel.

Rev Stewart Bloor

About Stewart Bloor

Fish a lot. Christian. Work in the world of professional football media. British nature. Passionate about much, obsessed about nothing.

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