Here’s the latest newsletter from Ghana, unfortunately we couldn’t ‘lift’ the photos but the text gives a good idea of what’s going on. 

The 8th of October 2014 God gave us grace to celebrate the first wedding in SGLM. It was a day of joy and celebration, children, young people and all those who are part of the projects were present along with a few guests. Some of the single mothers helped for cooking and serving the food, the boys of football have been busy preparing the tables and for whatever was needed, all the children worked hard to make sure that all the food would finish. The dish of the day? “Rice with stew, fried chicken with salad and of course the wedding cake, all home made by us.” Glory to God!

Manuela a SGLM Volunteer. Her testimony:

As a child I had a desire to go to Africa to help children, play with them and see them smile. Thank God, I was able to realize this dream with SGLM! My time has been greatly blessed and great impact on my life. I learned to live by faith and not to take anything for granted. I have seen God taking care of me every day showing His love for me! At SGLM all people totally depends on HIM and are grateful for all the little things. Children, missionaries and volunteers have taught me a lot; despite the differences in culture, language and so on, they transmitted on me their humility, their genuine faith and gratitude for every little gesture. Their every smile filled my heart with joy and I am and will always be grateful to God for giving me this opportunity, for me it was a great honour and privilege to serve here in Ghana.


“Behold, how good and how Pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity………for

there the Lord has commanded the blessing, even live forever”. (Psalm 133)

The rich and the poor have this in common, the Lord is the maker of them all. (Prov.22: 2)

In October ended the first year of the Projects of Cutting and Sewing, Music and Football, with the delivery of the Certificates. It was an event that set in motion the whole area. We had the intervention of the delegate of the Chief of the Village who thanked us of the benefit that the girls, the young people and the children received, and for the contribution of development to the village that SGLM has given. We thank God for the way He gave us occasion to preach the Word and how many hearts were reached: lives have been changed, there have been several conversions, baptisms and, whereas the girls (single mothers) before did not think minimally at marriage, being accustomed to get the boy of the moment, now all of them have expressed a desire to marry one husband. We give God the glory for how the teaching of the Word changes the mentality! Thanks also to all of you for the contribution you have given both financially and with your prayers.

2° Conference of SGLM in Scoglitti.

The theme of the Conference was: “How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity” Psalm 133. It was a day full of the presence, the joy and the love of the Lord. We give thanks to all the participants: brothers from different churches; Nino Castellone (director of SGLM for Italy) who led the conference; Pastor Giovanni Di Francia (President of the CCP) opened the Conference in prayer and later intervened praying for the co-workers of SGLM; the Worship team of Scoglitti with the collaboration of Bergamo and Grammichele; the Past. Raia Marcello, who has ministered the Word of God; the Presidents of SGLM Samuel and Maria shared what God has done in Ghana during the year 2013-2014. We give glory to God for the guidance of the Holy Spirit from the beginning to the end of the conference. At the end we were also able to enjoy the fellowship with an agape Buffet.

Prayer Points

 • Let’s pray for all children, young people and single mothers, may they can apply what they have learned and continue with enthusiasm to reach the goal.

 • Let’s pray for the newly baptized and for many others who would like to do it, but have not had the courage yet to face the Muslim family.

 • For the young couple who consecrate their union before God, they had been married for eight years with the traditional African marriage, have four children and are missionaries at SGLM.

 • For all the international staff of SGLM, for strength, loyalty in the work and for good health.

 • For future projects of SGLM may God will provide for: to continue to pursue the projects;

Starting work in the land that God has provided to built the mission house; Buy a Minibus to pick up and send back the villages’ children; Open another base of the mission in India.

For donations: Account name: SAMARIA GOSPEL OF LOVE MISSION – Agricultural Development Bank – P.O. Box 44191 – Accra – Ghana – Name of Branch: UCC – Swift code: ADNTGHAC. Routing #: 08-03-33 – or contact SICM and we’ll sort that out if you’re in the UK.

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