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Hello Dear Friends
Trust you had a Happy Christmas and we wish you a very Happy and Blessed New Year. Sorry for lack of contact but the Electricity company is having problems and announced there will be power cuts from December to February inclusive. Evey day the power is off from about 9am to about 8pm, sometimes even later. Thankfully they gave us uninterrupted power for 4 days over Christmas and 4 days over New Year. Today there no power but now the internet cafe has a generator!
Rose and I are fine, we have been busy and are enjoying God’s blessing and favour on our ministries. Rose was called to go and lead Praise and Worship for a seminar. We both were called to minister to a special meeting for all Bishop Mhina’s family. Sunday 4th January the 4 local Bethel Assembly of God Churches had a combined Baptismal Service at Bishop Chidundo’s Church at Pycha ya Ndege. I baptised 35 people (4 were from our own church.) WE praise God for the witness.
God has continued to bless my ministry as I am told they were powerful messages. Praise and thanks to God and thanks to you for your prayer support. God also blessed Rose’s ministry as she ministered in song in a night prayer session – the pastor and people saw the anointing of God come down on the meeting as she sang.
Have a great New Year. Keep praying for us as we want to be fully used of God this year.
God Bless.
James and Rose




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