Last night’s games were all in the DBMT and Crestwood strengthened their hold on top spot by beating Brandhall 4-2. Going into the match having only beaten their opponents eight times out of twenty-seven, the league’s in-form team made it nine as they set themselves up for a potential three-points next week versus Kingsbourne.

Brandhall & Quinton FC 2     Paul Hewitson, Dave Wall     MOTM: Gavin Calver

Crestwood Town FC 4     Iain Gillett (2), Rhys Harper, Joe Colley     MOTM: Sunny Singh

Kingsbourne are finding it hard going in the group as they again lost, this time to Lions 4-1. It means they are looking increasingly likely to face the winners of Group A in the quarter-finals. One bright light though, as they made it fourteen defeats against their opponents in fifteen attempts, was that Nathan Spear made his 100th appearance for the hoops.

Allstar Lions 4     Peter Madge (2), Matt Nicholls (2)     MOTM: Peter Madge

Kingsbourne 1     Josh Lees     MOTM: Josh Lees

It was another classic encounter as Tipton and United went head-to-head. With the lead changing hands several times, a draw was a fair result. The point puts Tipton in a good place to finish second in the group, although there are plenty of twists and turns no doubt before then. The game was their 50th in the DBMT competition. The fixture saw the only hat-tricks of the night, as Aaron Bullen and Dave Law found the net three times each.

United FC 4     Aaron Bullen (3), Dan Hampson     MOTM: Luke Pollard

Tipton Family Church FC 4     Dave Law (3), Alex Fice     MOTM: Craig Eccleston

Check out the DBMT tables here


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