Dear friends and family,

Thank you so much for your support and interest through all the years that I have served the Lord here at ASM. Although my heart overflows with gratitude to God for countless blessings in 2014, I especially want to thank Him for the following:

v  The well-being, safety and good health for all of us serving the Lord here at ASM

v  The academic success of the Auxiliary Nursing, Christian Life Skills and Missions students who successfully completed their studies in November

v  The committed, loyal and passionate staff that God has called to work at ASM and more especially those working with me in the Clinic and Nursing School – what a privilege

v  Financial provision for ASM, the Clinic and in my personal life

For many years I have trusted God that when the time comes that my parents need my help, that I would be in a position to help them. Gradually over the past few years my mom’s health has deteriorated and keeping a house became more of a challenge for her. Graciously the ASM leadership approved that I move into a bigger house last year, and so my parents have been able to move in with me over December. For Anne and me it is a special joy and privilege to have them living here at ASM with us. At 79 my dad is still healthy and energetic and keeps himself busy by helping in the maintenance department.

Extended family

As previously mentioned, God provided all the operational costs for the clinics last year. We are still in the slow process of trying to establish a partnership with the Department of Health to support the clinic with certain medication and laboratory tests. Despite this the clinics function well and many lives are touched by the care we give. We still do daily devotions in the clinics and when appropriate share and prayer with people during consultations. Many people receive Jesus as their Saviour while others make recommitments to the Lord.

Last year we expanded the medical outreach to the farms in the Kiepersol district by starting a voluntary health screening project. The goal is to visit each farm once a year and screen those who want to participate for obesity and chronic diseases. We start the visit by a short talk explaining how chronic diseases can be “silent” for many years, slowing damaging the body before any signs and symptoms may develop. The project has been accepted with enthusiasm.


Last year’s nursing students did their final Nursing Council Examination on the 28th of November. They all feel confident that they did well but we are still awaiting the results from Council. They should come out early next week. In the meantime however we have started the course with a group of sixteen students on the 12th of January this year. They are also a lovely group of young people who love the Lord and are eager and enthusiastic to become nurses.


This year is the last year that nursing schools in South Africa can offer legacy (old) qualifications. From 2016 auxiliary and staff nurse courses need to be offered at NQF level 5 (first year university level). Sadly the ASM Nursing School has not yet managed to get registration and accreditation for the new auxiliary nursing qualification. This means that this year we have no Christian Life Skills students on campus and will have no nursing students in 2016. We are however trusting that God will make a way for us to offer the new qualification in the future again.

Please pray with me for the following:

  • That the Lord will once again provide financially for the clinics and nursing school
  • That one day in the future ASM will be able to offer the new auxiliary nursing qualification
  • For the nursing students to excel in their studies and cope with practical work placements

With gratitude and appreciation,

Jenny Holtzhausen

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Fish a lot. Christian. Work in the world of professional football media. British nature. Passionate about much, obsessed about nothing.

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