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Tonight saw just the one league game, and although there was nothing to play for as such, both teams gave their all. It was Brandhall who raced into a three-goal lead but with minutes to go, Tipton hit back with a brace. Sadly they couldn’t find the equaliser but nevertheless will be buoyed by the comeback.

Brandhall & Quinton FC 3     Paul Hewitson, Matt McCardle, Dan Lodge     MOTM: Jon Nott

Tipton Family Church FC  2     Dave Law (2)     MOTM: Chris Thomas


The other two games were in the DBMT and although we see the groups coming to a conclusion, only one place is decided yet, so plenty to play for. Crestwood suffered their first defeat in their group, at the hands of title rivals Allstar Lions. In the other group, Dudley beating United left the door open for Tipton to leapfrog them both in their final game.

One lesson though that every football team can learn is from The New Saints’ dressing room. The photo below was taken before the game this weekend at Park Hall. Complacency is the enemy of success. A good lesson from the Welsh champions who are currently unbeaten in all domestic competitions this season.



United FC 2    Adam Kennedy, Paul Nash     MOTM: Paul Nash

Dudley FC 6    Connor Potts (3), Nick Harrold (2), Matt Potts     MOTM: Darrell Boden


Allstar Lions 7     Ben Jones (3), Peter Madge (3), Luke Reynolds     MOTM: Matt Nicholls

Crestwood Town FC  1     Joe Colley     MOTM: Iain Gillett


Check out the DBMT page HERE and below is the updated league table.

League table March 2 2015

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