With both Crestwood and Lions winning last night, it’s all set for a showdown next Monday. As you can see from the table below, the group is going to the wire. Crestwood have the advantage, both in terms of points and goal difference, but once that whistle blows none of that will count for anything.

But back to last night’s games, Crestwood beat Brandhall 7-0 and Lions defeated Kingsbourne 8-2. Both impressive scores, but now it’s now it all goes down to the wire next week. And an interesting statistic (courtesy of Dan Spear is that exactly six years ago the two teams competed in the same competition. On that day it was Brandhall who won convincingly, putting ten past their opponents and conceding just one in the process.

DBMT B March 16 revised

Brandhall & Quinton FC  0     MOTM: Dan Lodge

Crestwood Town FC 8    Rhys Harper (3), Iain Gillett (2), Kyle Carter (2), Ben Perry    MOTM: Sunny Singh

Kingsbourne 2    Jack Lewis (2)     MOTM: Jack Lewis

Allstar Lions 8     Peter Madge (3), John Morgan (2), Jason Perry, Ben Jones, Martyn Shepherd     MOTM: Martyn Shepherd

Check out the DBMT page here

There was also a friendly taking place with a high-scoring victory for Dudley FC. Nick Harrold’s four goals would normally be the top mention of the evening, but Connor Potts excelled by finding the net eight times.

Dudley FC  17     Connor Potts (8), Nick Harrold (4), Darrel Boden (2), Craig Coburn (2), Ade Lunn     MOTM: none entered

Church On The Rock FC  3     Allan Parkes, Stephen Goreham, own goal     MOTM: none entered

If you’re interested in entering a team into SICM Sevens, why not play a friendly to test the water? Contact Stewart Bloor ( to arrange something

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