Allstar Lions took a big step towards their fifth league title last night as they saw off the Brandhall challenge. Losing Dave Wall through injury did the latter no good at all, as with no subs they were one player down. An already uphill struggle turned into a mountain to climb and they eventually succumbed 5-1 to the champions-elect.

Allstar Lions 5     Peter Madge (2), Matt Nicholls (2), Ben Jones     MOTM: Luke Reynolds

Btrandhall & Quinton FC 1    Paul Hewitson     MOTM: Rob Canning

Although still in the basement position, a rejuvenated Tipton came through a determined challenge from United to eventually win 3-0. With no goals at the break, some out-of-this-world saves from Rob Bradley continued to deny Tipton. Once the breakthrough came though, the game ebbed in their favour.

United FC  0     MOTM: Simon Robinson

Tipton Family Church FC  3     Jez Jeavons, Chris Perry, Simon Westwood     MOTM: Chris Perry 

Finally, it was good to see Dan Watts and Peter Madge attend the England trials this last week. Unfortunately neither progressed to the next selection process but have said they’ll be back next time round. That’s great to hear and hopefully we can see more of our best players in the mix next season.

League April 13 2015

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