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Although the title has been decided and there’s nothing to play for in terms of position, there’s no letting up as far as commitment to win is concerned. The bottom line is that, regardless of what the table says, when that whistle goes players give their all and aim for the win.

That was typified in the clash between Tipton and United, with the latter looking to have taken the points. However, late in the game up pops Dave Law with a brace to complete his hat-trick and of course take the points. With his two assists he had a hand, both directly and indirectly, in all five Tipton goals.

Tipton Family Church FC 5     Dave Law (3), Robin Davies, Chris Thomas     MOTM: Stewart Bloor

United FC  4     Connor Potts (2), Adam Kennedy, Wayne Hobday     MOTM: none entered

With Kingsbourne out of the DBMT, they looked to wrap up their league campaign with a win. Unfortunately for them though, Brandhall had the last say as they took the points. As expected, it was a close game, with the points going to B&Q courtesy of a narrow 3-1 victory.

Brandhall & Quinton FC  3     Paul Hewitson, Mitch Stevenson, Will Rivers     MOTM: Paul Hewitson

Kingsbourne  1     Tom Barlow     MOTM: Rob Pain 

Finally, as the old season draws out it will be in with the new soon. If you know anyone who lives in the wider Black Country area who would be interested in entering a team then ask them to get in touch.

They can play a friendly to test the water and of course enter The Summer Cup, which isn’t a great commitment in terms of time but it gives teams the opportunity to see how it goes. Contact: stewartbloor@outlook.com

League table June 1 2015

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