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Thanks for your continued prayers for us. We continue to walking God’s blessing and favour.
Sunday 21 June I taught Adult Sunday School teaching on Sanctification.
Rose sang with the choir and also ministered in song with one of her own songs.
Monday 22 – Saturday 27 June is Bethel Assemblies of God National Youth Camp. They used Bishop Chidundo’s school so our church was host church. I was asked to open the camp on the Monday, this involved bringing an encouraging word.
Then on Tuesday I had a session to teach on “Reading Your Bible”. A pastor from Kenya failed to come because of an emergency. So on Wednesday morning at 8:40am Pastor Silas came to me and asked me to bring the Word of God for the first session that morning, being ready to stand at 9:15am. Postponed breakfast. went and changed my clothes asking God what I was to teach. I was led to a previous lesson I had taught on “Faith to Believe” but I was shown only to use half but then to continue to teach from Matthew 14, where Jesus called Peter to get out of the boat and walk to Him on the water; saying ” You have to step out in faith and get out of the boat and walk”. I concluded with prayer for those who felt God was calling them to step out in faith. Many of the youth came forward for prayer. Praise God.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Rose was helping other church women who had come to help prepare meals for the youth.
Thursday 25 June Rose went to Dar Es Salaam for ministry – singing and worship leading, meetings Friday to Sunday 28 June.
We pray for you  and encourage you to write or email us.
God Bless,
James and Rose

About Stewart Bloor

Fish a lot. Christian. Work in the world of professional football media. British nature. Passionate about much, obsessed about nothing.

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