LS Galaxy v Crestwood Town FC 4-8, 3-2

West Midlands Village v  Tipton Family Church FC 4-0, 3-2

LS Galaxy v  Allstars 03  7-4, 0-0

LS Galaxy v  Tipton Family Church FC  10-0, 8-0

LS Galaxy v  West Midlands Village 26-0, 4-2

Crestwood Town FC v Allstars 03  8-5, 3-13

Tipton Family Church FC v Allstars 03  2-7, 0-6

West Midlands Village v Crestwood Town FC  3-1, 5-0

Allstars 03  v  West Midlands Village 6-9, 4-4

Crestwood Town FC v  Tipton Family Church FC 6-1, 0-5


LS Galaxy v Tipton Family Church FC  15-2, 14-2

West Midlands Village v Allstars 03  3-7, 4-5


LS Galaxy v Allstars 03   3-6


Allstars 03

TSC final table

 *Crestwood Town points deducted, not fulfilling fixtures


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Fish a lot. Christian. Work in the world of professional football media. British nature. Passionate about much, obsessed about nothing.

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