We saw lots of goals on Monday evening, with the two games producing 22 between. Of course, it’s all about points though and West Midlands Village secured theirs in a thrilling 9-6 win over Allstars 03. Kieran Grew was the top scorer on the night with a double hat-trick

The victory also indicates a change in the balance of power, with Allstars 03 being so dominant over the years now in an unfamiliar position towards the bottom of the group. On the other hand, we have the two new teams occupying places at the other end of the table.

Allstars 03  6     Matt Nicholls (2), Peter Madge (2), Aaron Lloyd, Martyn Shepherd   MOTM: Martyn Shepherd

West Midlands Village  9     Kieran Grew (6), Luke Heapey, Jack Davies, Tom Round   MOTM: Kieran Grew

Crestwood Town FC maintained their push to quarter-final qualification, although at their half-way group stage, opponents Tipton Family Church FC need to get some points on the board if they are to make the cut.

Crestwood Town FC  6   awaiting confirmation

Tipton Family Church FC  1     Nathan Bull  MOTM: Stewart Bloor

If you are interested in entering a team, why not play a friendly in October to ‘test the water’? We also need referees. Contact us:

Check out the William Watts Summer Cup page HERE

Summer Cup September 28 2015

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