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Barring a cancellation next week, last night’s game in the Summer Cup settled the table as far as the places are concerned for the semi-finals. With them being seeded, LS Galaxy will take on Tipton Family Church FC while Allstars 03 go head-to-head with West Midlands Village.

In their final game of the group, West Midlands made sure of second spot by denying Allstars the three points. The semi-finals are over two-legs and commence on Monday November 16. It seems a long way back since we kicked off the competition, when it really was The Summer Cup. Last night looked, and felt, very autumnal indeed.

West Midlands Village  4     Dan ?, Kieron Grew, Chris Rhodes, og     MOTM: Chris Rhodes

Allstars 03  4     Aaron Lloyd (2), Jason Perry, og     MOTM: Joe Colley

Testing the water as far as entering a team is concerned for the league, Gems FC played a friendly last night against Tipton and did very well. They have a much tougher task next week though when they take on West Midlands Village. Hopefully they will decide to enter. If you, or anyone you know, would like to play a friendly, then get in touch:

Tipton Family Church FC  5     Stewart Bloor (2), Jez Jeavons, Dave Law, Craig Donaldson     MOTM: Adam Siviter

Gems FC  10  

Check out the William Watts Summer Cup page details HERE

Summer Cup November 2 2015


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