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With The William Watts Summer Cup entering the semi-final stages this week, we can confidently say that in one case at least, the second-leg is just a formality. With a 15-2 scoreline, it will be nothing short of a cosmic collapse if LS Galaxy fail to make the final in their debut season.

Dave Law was the top marksman on the night with a double hat-trick and Paul Nash grabbed three. Following a poor pre-season, the team has hit form when it really counts and even at this stage will be favourites to lift the trophy.

LS Galaxy 15     Dave Law (6), Paul Nash (3), Nick Benton (2), Kieron Large (2), Rob James (2)     MOTM: Ricky Hill

Tipton Family Church FC  2     Jamie Bradley, Craig Donaldson     MOTM: Mark McCann

The other semi-final isn’t as convincing in terms of predicting who will progress, but with Allstars 03 having a four-goal advantage they are certainly in the driving seat. There’s still everything to play for next week.

West Midlands Village  3     Luke Heappey (2), Aaaron Bullen     MOTM: Luke Heappey

Allstars 03  7     Aaron Lloyd (2), Matt Nicholls (2), Rhys Harper (2), Pete Madge     MOTM: Matt Nicholls

With the new league season kicking off in December, we are looking for teams to join us. Interested? Get in touch and maybe play a friendly to test the water.

You can check out the William Watts Summer Cup page, complete with group results and table by clicking HERE.

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