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In last night’s games, the two 100% records remained intact as Allstars and West Midlands Village both picked up New Year wins.

Certainly the toughest challenge on paper at least, the latter did well to beat LS Galaxy, who themselves have not got off to the start that they would have expected.

LS Galaxy    4    Dave Law (2), Robin Davies, Ricky Hill     MOTM: Paul Nash

West Midlands Village    6     Harvey Smith (3), Bradley (3)     MOTM: Kieran Partridge

There won’t be too many teams who will put four past Allstars this season, but that’s exactly what Gems FC did. Unfortunately for them though, the reigning champions hit nine in reply.

Joe Colley scored the third hat-trick of the evening as well.

Allstars 03    9     Joe Colley (3), Chris Turner (2), Martyn Shepherd (2), Rhys Harper, John Morgan     MOTM: Joe Colley

Gems FC   4     Gemal Gokcan (2), Danny Zurisk, Liam Thomson     MOTM: Nathan Bull

Finally, we are looking to add one more team to the forthcoming DBMT Cup, so if you know anyone that may be interested, then ask them to get in touch.

League January 4 2016

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