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Monday evening saw West Midlands Village maintain their 100% record this season, as they came from behind to beat Tipton Family Church FC. In fact, it was two very late goals that gave them the three points as the game looked to be heading for a draw.

Tipton will be disappointed but their performances of late, if continued, will surely lead to points on the table. With Allstars having a free week, the win sees WMV head the table.

Tipton Family Church FC  2     Adam Kennedy, Tom Smith     MOTM: Adam Kennedy

West Midlands Village  4     Thomas Round (2), Jack Davies, Dan Higgins     MOTM: Jack Davies

With the weather threatening proceedings, a slight upturn in the conditions meant that the games were on and Paul Slaney was a happy man. As WMV manager he will be more than pleased that it was business as usual as his team leads the way.

As well as leapfrog at the top it was also the same at the bottom, as LS Galaxy’s three points meant that they exchanged places with Tipton. Fired on by a Dave Law hat-trick they beat off the challenge from Gems FC, who are without a league win since opening day.

LS Galaxy  7     Dave Law (3), Robin Davies (2), Nick Harrold, Ricky Hill     MOTM: Paul Nash

Gems FC  3    Gemal Gokcan (2), Ben Anslow     MOTM: Ben Anslow

In case you’re wondering what the lead photograph is all about this week, next time you’re in the foyer check out the wall to the left as you enter. Finally, if you know anyone interested in entering a team then ask them to get in touch with Stewart Bloor on 07815 432371.

League table January 19 2016

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