The EH Smith League (SICM Sevens)



Thank you, EH Smith

Many thanks to EH Smith for sponsoring the league this season, and in particular Stourbridge branch manager, Alex Fice, for setting it up. If you need anything building-related then make sure you pay them a visit. You can always speak to Alex as well on Monday evenings, as he’s the manager of LS Galaxy. To visit the website, click here >>> EH Smith website (Stourbridge).

Here are the game numbers/results for 2015/2016 and the latest table.

Allstars 03 v Gems FC     8/9-4     13/5-6     19/6-1     22/13-2

Allstars 03 v LS Galaxy     2/10-2     23/5-0

Allstars 03 v  Tipton Family Church FC     5/18-2     9/8-4     25/5-0

Allstars FC v West Midlands Village     15/6-3     29/5-0     31/5-5     32/5-0

Gems FC v LS Galaxy     11/3-7     17/ 2-5     26/5-0

Gems FC v Tipton Family Church FC     1/8-3     16/6-1     28/5-7

Gems FC v West Midlands Village     3/1-4     6/4-5     24/3-5     33/5-0

LS Galaxy v Tipton Family Church FC     4/6-2     14/10-1     20/9-1      30/0-5

LS Galaxy v West Midlands Village     7/4-6     10/0-5     27/5-0     34/5-0

Tipton Family Church FC v West Midlands Village     12/2-4     18/0-4     21/2-2     35/5-0

If you’re interested in entering a team, contact Stewart Bloor. Why not play a friendly to ‘test the water’? 07815 432371

League table March 21 2016

 * Points deductions for cancelled games

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Fish a lot. Christian. Work in the world of professional football media. British nature. Passionate about much, obsessed about nothing.

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