SICM Sevens logoIt’s been a long season for Tipton as far as results are concerned but last night they finally got their first win. With the game played in a very good spirit, they overcame Gems FC to earn a well-deserved three-points based on recent performances. A lesson in keeping going for sure; by perseverance the snail reached the ark.

Both sides had players who scored hat-tricks so well done to Tipton’s Nick Harrold, making his debut for the yellows, and Adam Gokcan for Gems.

Tipton Family Church FC  7     Nick Harrold (3), Stewart Bloor, Wayne Hobday, Rob Bradley, Luke Jones     MOTM: Nick Harrold

Gems FC  5  Adam Gokcan (3), Gemal Gokcan, Martyn Shepherd     MOTM: Stephen Parsons

We have had a number of cancellations of late (as can be seen from the league table) and last night it was the turn of West Midlands Village to pull out. The reason that we have points deductions is so that it acts as a carrot (not a stick) for teams not to pull out of games. It’s only seven-a-side and players can be signed on the night so there’s no lengthy paperwork or red tape involved.

When first introduced it actually encouraged teams to put together what they could, on the basis that it was better to play a weakened team, and at the very worst suffer a defeat rather than lose points as well. It’s only been this season that it hasn’t ‘worked’ as intended. But it’s still a carrot and not a stick and always will be.

LS Galaxy  5

West Midlands Village  0

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 League table March 14 2016

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