The latest newsletter from Samuel and Maria in Ghana. Enjoy and be blessed…

To be a volunteer in Ghana is simple!

We give room and board, you give a small contribute and what you have: to teach music, singing, games, football, sewing, cooking, English, French and so on … Contact us!

Few months ago we started, by faith, the works for the construction of the new headquarters SGLM in Ghana, the land that God has miraculously provided for us two years ago. This decision was made because of the constant hardships and insecurities that the owner of the current mission house give us constantly: very often asks the increase of the rent, also for twice he have asked that we leave the house. We cannot and will not jeopardize the safety and protection of children, we cannot risk ending up on the street overnight. So after praying, we decided to start work with what we had, trusting in the mercy and compassion of God working through sensitive hearts like yours. The headquarters will be built in an economical way to complete the work soon and give all children, young people, volunteers and missionaries the security of a home. If you want you can give us an hand, from near or far!

AMI Foundation is a Portuguese association, that two years ago funded part of SGLM the projects in Ghana. They personally came to see the work done and the results obtained. It was an honour having had them for a week, ate with us and participated in almost all of SGLM activities. They were very happy, telling us that what we were able to communicate to them, in words, it was only 20% of reality. By the grace of God they have decided to continue to help us and to keep active the partnership with us. Then, for the second time we had the visit of Arlena and Manuela, the latter with his family. Also two young Italians came, who have progressed to help the soccer boys, bringing some outfits, balls and other stuff. For all the staff SGLM and for all the children were happy days.

The poor and the helpless have fled to you and have been safe in times of trouble. You give them shelter from storms and shade from burning heat. (Isaiah 25:4)

When it happens, everyone will say, ” He is our God! We have put our trust in Him, and He has rescued us. He is Lord! (Isaiah 25:9)

The story of Timothy and its change

We found Timothy in a slum of Cape Coast- Ola, where, orphan of his father and abandoned by his mother, lived on the streets begging for food and water and rummaging through the garbage, because the grandmother, who had been entrusted, not absolutely took care of him. For these reasons it was rejected and mistreated by the community, the other children did not want to play with him o stay near to him, because he smell and Timothy was still aside, always sad and alone. SGLM found him in a very critical condition: hungry, dehydrated, with dirty clothes do not fit, depressed and sickly. We got him, we gave him love, which changes every situation and does wonders, and all necessary treatment: we bathed and fed him, dressed him up, etc. Timothy Today, thanks to the help of sponsorship, is a normal child, goes to school, has the food regularly, has clean and nice clothes, has friends who play with Him, but most of all have the love of God that leads him to have a future and a hope. At SGLM Timothy found a family who loves him and has also found God who made him his son.

A new staff member SGLM: Lorenzo, Lorenzo in 2014 was to SGLM Ghana for a month as a volunteer. From there was born in him the desire to collaborate as external with SGLM Italy. This year, from March 2016, Lorenzo has been working as a full-time volunteer at the Italian headquarters of SGLM. In fact he, along with managers and other employees, will continue the mission in Italy, getting an important role. Lorenzo is a dear brother who loves the Lord, and he felt in his heart to serve and answer the call through SGLM. We thank God for giving us such a talented and devoted servant, will respond to your office phone and all correspondence for all your needs, according to our possibilities, along with all the other things. We want to invite as many others feel the heart to serve God through SGLM, both in Italy and abroad, do not hesitate to contact us, there are empty seats, we will be happy to assist you and to welcome you into the family SGLM.

Prayer points:

For those who feel in their hearts to do volunteer work or to serve as missionaries SGLM Ghana, may God smooth the way and provide for them with all the necessary.

For the new headquarters of SGLM Ghana, may God provide people and money to be able to complete soon the headquarter and give safe and security house to children.

For Timothy and for other children with and without sponsorship helped by SGLM, women, single mothers, young people, may the Lord bless them providing the necessary.

For Lorenzo, for Italian directors and other collaborators of SGLM Italy , may God give them more and more zeal, sensitivity and desire to work, for the advancement of the kingdom of God. For missionaries and volunteers at SGLM Ghana, for international directors Samuel and Maria: for wisdom, discernment and guidance to carry on the ministry of SGLM to the glory of God.

SAMARIA GOSPEL OF LOVE MISSION – Agricultural Development Bank – P.O. Box 44191 – Accra – Ghana – Name of Branch: UCC – Swift code: ADNTGHAC. Routing #: 08-03-33 – Account#: 3031000099855601

Poste Italiane Account N°: 1018121168 to Samaria Gospel of Love Mission Iban: IT80Z0760117000001018121168

BIC/SWIFT : BPPIITRRXXX CIN: Z, ABI: 07601, CAB: 17000, N. CONTO: 001018121168

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