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Time flies and we’ll be kicking off season number 13 in the SICM Sevens league in due course (Scheduled for August). Played at Coseley Leisure Centre we use it as a fund-raiser, so it’s a charity league first and foremost with the emphasis on just enjoying a game of football. After pitch hire and referees fees the remainder goes into the work of SICM, a registered charity operating mostly in Africa. For example, during last season we sponsored a young boy in the project that we support in Ghana.

The games are played under floodlight on the outdoor astroturf pitch. The rules are straight-forward and common-sense. Games are seven-a-side and it’s easy enough to enter a team, no lengthy or complicated paperwork. Just £4 per person.

Why not play a friendly to ‘test the water’ as there’s no initial commitment and you can see how it goes. The philosophy is to have fun and enjoy the game with competition making it more interesting.

We have a number of teams interested in the new season, so if you’re interested then make sure you get in touch asap.

We are members of the UK Mini Football Association.

Interested? Get in touch:
•Church or other faith group
•Grab a few friends and start a team
•No-one is too old, start a veterans team and keep fit
•Part of a club, football or otherwise, use it for bonding and team strengthening
•Thinking of getting back into football, join an existing team

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Fish a lot. Christian. Work in the world of professional football media. British nature. Passionate about much, obsessed about nothing.

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