The latest newsletter has just arrived from Samuel and Maria in Ghana. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the photos off there, but the text copied so you can certainly see what they’ve been up to of late.

Construction work for the new building continues,

though with ups and downs

Issues with the building we currently use still continue: not only because the owner wants us to leave the house, but also because of the government (since the owner doesn’t pay any taxes). Thanks to God, construction work for the new building continues, though with difficulties: we had to stop working for a few days, due to heavy rainfall. We really need the Lord’s help to finish the building, so that our children will be safe, without risking going back to the streets. One of the hardest challenges is the need to bring electricity to the new building; may the Lord touch the generous hearts, in order to provide for this great need. Even though the expenses go way beyond what we can afford, by faith we believe that this work will be accomplished for His Glory! We are sure that our Lord is able to do immeasurably things, more than all we ask or imagine.

The Lord has already provided for water! Thanks to a generous donor, we were able to bring water to the land where the new SGLM Headquarter will be. In fact, we installed water pipes (500m ca.) so we have available water provided by the government; little by little, new ways to store water will be launched, to make sure that nobody in SGLM will be deprived of this primary need. We give thanks to the Lord, Who once more has demonstrated His faithfulness by blessing us through this donor. There is still a lot to be done, considering that in Africa the availability of governmental water is not enough to meet the needs of a house; nevertheless, we are certain that God will accomplish what He started. Since the water is not clean, we would like to install also a water purifier, let’s pray for that.

Sanka Village. The new SGLM headquarter will be near Sanka, a village whose inhabitants are in desperate conditions. Surely, God has sent us there in order to change their conditions, both materially and spiritually.

“Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us”. (Romans 5:5)

“My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus”.

(Philippans 4:19)

Missionary trip around Italy. God has given to the presidents, Samuel and Maria, the opportunity to have a missionary trip, visiting many churches in Puglia, Campania, Lazio, Emilia, Lombardia and Piemonte. It was a time of great blessing and fellowship with brethren of many churches, who welcomed them with great generosity. Both pastors and church members were excited to get know SGLM, its aims and needs. It’s wonderful to know that more and more brethren support us and, more importantly, pray for us: “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails

much” (James 5:16). Moreover, during the missionary trip, our collaborators across Italy organized, for the first time, Zone Conferences for SGLM, where Samuel and Maria were the main speakers. SGLM Conference for central area took place in Mugnano di Napoli on April 30th; the Conference for Northern Italy took place in Capriate (BG), on May 14th; later, a Conference for Sicily was

organized – in Grammichele (CT), on June 4th. These meetings are of crucial importance for SGLM: through conferences, our supporters are able to get in touch with us and to know better about our work, challenges and future aims of this mission. Finally, God allowed us to present SGLM to students in two schools (Naples and Vittoria), in order for them to became aware of the reality of the Third World. Many hearts were touched among them, when we showed slides and testimonies of what we do in Ghana.

Altre notizie:

SGLM presidents Samuel and Maria went back to Ghana, after their stay in Italy, during which they could visit churches and attend conferences. All the members of SGLM Ghana were happy to welcome them, especially children. As usual, the missionaries brought gifts from Italy, to the delight of the children! Besides, a lot of sportswear was donated; those who play football in SGLM Development F. C. will use these clothes. Finally, we thank God for AMI Foundation, a Portuguese NGO, which is now financing part of our teaching projects, as they did two years ago.

Prayer Points:

 Let us pray for the construction work for the new building, may God provide the necessary finances in order for this work to be accomplished.

 For our current mission house, to be able to stay there until the work for the new building is complete.

 Let’s pray for finance to put in an electric system in the new house.

 For Samuel e Maria, who are now back to Ghana and for the missionaries Tochi and Eddy, may the Lord continue to lead them in this great work that He assigned them.

 For children, single mothers and all the people reached and helped by SGLM.

 For Sanka Village; our desire is to see this area transformed by God’s love.  For more missionaries to serve in Ghana. There is great need…

For donations: Account name: SAMARIA GOSPEL OF LOVE MISSION – Agricultural Development Bank – P.O.

Box 44191 – Accra – Ghana – Name of Branch: UCC – Swift code: ADNTGHAC. Routing #: 08-03-33 – Account #:


Poste Italiane Account N°: 1018121168 to Samaria Gospel of Love Mission – Iban: IT80Z0760117000001018121168 BIC/SWIFT : BPPIITRRXXX CIN: Z, ABI: 07601, CAB: 17000, N. CONTO: 001018121168

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