LATEST NEWSLETTER (Samuel and Maria)

The following is the latest update from Samuel and Maria, as received from them. Unfortunately the photos didn’t translate but the text did so you get a good idea of the great work that they do.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you”.

(Joshua 1:5)

The SGLM Family Grows!

He is Daniel, a 7 year old child who grow in a very difficult situation. He became orphan of mother when he was still 1 years old, so his father (a Ghanian) decided to go back to Ghana bringing Daniel with him.. There the father (whose mental conditions is not briliant) had children with other women, until he decided to live together with a woman with mental health issues. In the midst of such environment, Daniel was completely abandoned: the woman didn’t care for him, nor the father, being busy trying to get money by cutting wood in the bush. For all these reasons, Daniel used to live in a slum, with no opportunity to go to school; He usually wandered around, looking for food inside rubbish bins. Besides, he was marginalized and beaten by both children and adults. By God’s grace, recently Daniel was welcomed in SGLM Headquarter, finding a true family: from September, Daniel attend school and is already receiving all he needs to live a normal life, as every child deserves. All this couldn’t be possible if Daniel weren’t supported by a generous donor through our child sponsorship project. We are grateful to the Lord for every generous heart who decides to change the life of a child forever.

SGLM Summer Activities.

During Summer school vacation, SGLM organized a month of recreational activities for children: it was wonderful to entertain the children almost every day through games, dancing, songs and Bible games. All the children spent a marvelous month at SGLM Headquarter, playing, having fun and eating together. Now all of them are back to school and come only in the afternoons.

The Football League starts back. SGLM Development F.C., the football team founded by SGLM, is joining the local league for the third time, in order to be an example of fair play for the youth of the local community. This is a great opportunity to reach young people from the streets, showing them a different way of life. As usual, before and after training we have the opportunity to preach the Gospel: in fact, in the last three years many among the players have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Our Team welcomes children and adults from different age groups, each of them enrolled in the

League. Now we are at the start of the

new season, so let’s support SGLM Development F. C. so that Christ’s message might be brought to the local youth.

Prayer Points:

 Let’s pray for the new building. May God provide for its completion.

 For SGLM missionaries, that they might have discernment from God in order to manage the mission work in Ghana.

 For more laborers. We are in need of workers.

 For Daniel, for all the children, the single mothers and for every person reached by SGLM.

 For the start of the usual activities: football, sowing, music etc, that they might be an opportunity to spread Christ’s message.

 For God to call more people to repentance in this area.

For donations: Account name: SAMARIA GOSPEL OF LOVE MISSION – Agricultural Development Bank – P.O. Box 44191 – Accra – Ghana – Name of Branch: UCC – Swift code: ADNTGHAC. Routing #: 08-03-33 – Account #:


Poste Italiane Account N°: 1018121168 to Samaria Gospel of Love Mission – Iban: IT80Z0760117000001018121168

BIC/SWIFT : BPPIITRRXXX CIN: Z, ABI: 07601, CAB: 17000, N. CONTO: 001018121168

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