What’s been happening here…
A number of changes….
We stopped offering auxiliary nursing and 2015 we saw the last of our students. This was not our decision, the nursing council has changed the roles of nursing. The new nursing programs now fall under the Council of Higher Education (CHE). There are many changes to pursue accreditation with CHE.

Jenny and I sat in a all day meeting last year with CHE the same day I flew back to Australia. We would need at least 3 full time staff members just to do the accreditation. The criteria is very challenging which we would not be able to develop in the near future.

This along with the fact that Val has retired back in Australia, which means that only Jenny and myself as RN’s run the clinic. I took on the responsibility of running the nursing school which now frees me to concentrate on other responsibilities in the clinic.

I now have taken over Val’s responsibility of taking care of the drug room and sterilising. The auxiliary nurses help a great deal, and I have enlisted Nomsa’s help with the drug room (I do the drug orders and reconciliation), and I have given the responsibility of sterilising to Victoria (I oversee).

On a temporary basis I have taken on looking after ASM’s library until we get a staff member to take responsibility. I now lead the worship team, again this will be on a temporary basis, and I am part of ASM missionary action group as well as on leadership for ASM.

Each day we all take the opportunity to share Christ with the patients. It is very exciting to see them commit their lives to Christ.

About Stewart Bloor

Fish a lot. Christian. Work in the world of professional football media. British nature. Passionate about much, obsessed about nothing.

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