NEWS FROM INDIA (Malan family)

Due to sensitivities, we can’t share too much. Christianity isn’t always very well received in many parts of the world and you need to be discreet. Anyway, for those who know them you’ll be blessed, and for those who don’t, be encouraged at what’s going on out there.


‘We are so grateful to our Father! Our work here is thriving and we are so excited to see growth and blessings in every aspect of the work. We’ve had so many opportunities for training and been so encouraged by the enthusiasm of the leaders we have been meeting with. We have had the opportunity to support a number of children’s homes and we marvel at the great harvest that comes from this involvement. As always the labour of hospitality continues in our home and we have had the privilege of seeing many workers ministered to in our home.
We are so excited about all that is happening and we have great anticipation for all that lies ahead in 2017. There are a number of opportunities in the north and we can’t wait to walk through these open doors. Due to the political climate in this amazing nation, we have to be discreet though in sharing too much information publicly,

About Stewart Bloor

Fish a lot. Christian. Work in the world of professional football media. British nature. Passionate about much, obsessed about nothing.

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