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Who among the gods is like you, Lord? Who is like you Majestic in holiness, awesome in glory working wonders? (Exodus 15:11)

Bollettino N°18: Marzo 2017
Thus far the Lord has brought us!

God is faithful to His Word and by His grace and compassion He has kept his promise: he has provided us with the need to complete part of the new headquarters of SGLM and being able to move there with at least the necessary comfort we need. We thank God and all the brethren who have shown their sensitivity donating for the work of God and for the advancement of His kingdom in Ghana. To be able to finish and complete the house are still many work, but we are sure that God will complete what He has started. In some rooms, in fact, the work has to be completed; the whole building is to be painted and decorated; we need beds for children (some of them sleep with the mattress on the floor); we need cabinets, chairs, tables, etc. At the moment as a church we are using the largest room of the building, but sometimes it is so full to force us to do meetings outside. We continue to pray in order to have a church to Worship and a school building for children with dorms, so we can keep all of them with us and have the opportunity to treat them continuously with adequate teaching and care. Our trust is in God because when he starts a work for sure will fulfil it!

4th Conference 5th Anniversary of SGLM

God willing, on the 25th to 26th March 2017 we will hold our annual conference in Scoglitti, at the Hotel Stella Marina. This year’s conference will be organized in a different way than the other, the theme will be: “The Wonders of Praise” by the missionaries Samuel and Maria; then there will be the celebration of the 5th anniversary of SGLM and a video that will show the developments and the work of the Mission. There will also be performances by young people and children with songs, dances and mimes; the attendance of believers and pastors from different regions of Italy and of course, there will be a time of Praise and Worship, led by anointed and talented ministers… It will surely be a qualitative spiritual refreshment time. During the break there will be a surprise; there will be also a presentation of a book that tells a very touching story of a woman with the supernatural intervention of God, the income of the selling will be donated to SGLM. There is the possibility to stay or dine at the hotel, with prior reservation. Sunday morning there will be a “Cocktail” Church Service, led and enriched by the various ministers attended the conference; and then for those who wish, can visit and explore the town and surrounding area, visiting “Montalbano’s House” and walking on the beach. Finally, there will be lunch and then we will say goodbye. You all are invited, we welcome you!

Project: Shoes Donated

By the grace of God in the month of December, we were able to distribute 400 pairs of shoes. The beneficiaries, for the most part, were children, but also youth, adults and elderly people. Children who for the first time, at the age of 7-8-10, have had a pair of shoes, you cannot imagine the joy in their eyes! An elderly woman had her feet all ruined and full of calluses, so many years did not have a pair of shoes and when she took the shoes in his hands, began to cry with joy, and could not stop to thank us. For the occasion we evangelized with songs and preaching the Gospel, showing the “Jesus” move from the gospel of Luke. The Gospel was preached at about 600-650 people. Three of our boys (Peter, Paul, and Timothy) gave a testimony of how God, through SGLM, has changed their lives by giving them a home, a family that loves them and an assured future. Many people in the village were touched and some of them have given their lives to Jesus. We thank God for what he has done and continues to do. Alleluia!

A brief testimony

A very devoted Muslim man used to come every day and was always among the workers who worked in the construction of the new building of the mission. It was there even when Samuel or Tochi preached the gospel and prayed for the workers (even though some of them Muslims, in those moments put on the ground a mat to pray to Allah). This man never spoke a word and never opposed to the preaching. He was one of the leaders of the Muslim community, so Samuel, for respect, never preached the gospel directly to him, but prayed for him, that he may be the one to ask. One day he came to the mission to seek help: he had the body covered with bubbles and medicine could not cure him. Samuel asked: “What kind of help you need?” He responded: “Pray for me.” Glory to the Lord, not only he was healed, but he gave his life to Jesus. We pray that he may find the courage to extern his faith in Jesus and brings souls to Christ. Glory to God!
Prayer Point:

✓ Praise, glory and thanksgiving to God for the miracle of SGLM new site almost finished.
✓ Let us continue to pray may God help us to finish the house and to build a school for children.
✓ Let us pray for workers, missionaries and volunteers with the heart for the mission.
✓ Let us pray for the conference of SGLM, for all those who are organizing it and for those who collaborate. Let’s pray for the participants, may it be an unforgotten event for all of them.
✓ Let us pray for the village of Sanka, for the children, the women, for all those who have given their hearts to Jesus and for those who still need Jesus.
✓ Let us pray for wisdom, discernment and protection in how to preach the gospel to the Muslim.
Then He said to his disciple, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

(Matt. 9;37)

For Donations: Poste Italiane Account name: Samaria Gospel of Love Mission
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