News From India (Malan Family) 

Dear Friends,
We greet you with some very good news. Geoff has been informed that his visa has been extended for another year and he can collect it on Monday 31st July. Thank you for all who have been standing with us, as we have been trusting for this extension.
What an amazing year 2017 has been up to this point. There have been amazing opportunities for training of leaders, which has been a great encouragement for us. These opportunities are increasing and we are looking at putting a team together in order to accommodate these opportunities.
Karen has been very busy managing the grounds of Union Church Trust. In the last five years they have been transformed from scattered heaps of rubbish to beautifully landscaped gardens. Alongside this, Karen has been very busy with hospitality and we have had over one hundred guests through our home this year. We are so grateful for the opportunity to minister to those, who are serving our Master in this beautiful country.
The congregation, in which we are serving, is doing so well. There has been so much growth this year. Many coming into a personal relationship with our Lord. We have also had many taking the step of obedience, in identifying with our Lord through full immersion. We are also experiencing such a great level of fellowship amongst the believers.
Training has kept Geoff travelling extensively through the country. He marvels at what God is doing in the midst of many challenges and much persecution. We are so grateful to be a part of God’s agenda for this incredible nation.
Our family are doing well. Abigail and McClellan are eagerly anticipating the birth of their first child, Malachi Samuel. We are very excited about becoming grandparents. They will be going to serve in the Middle East next June, please pray for them as they prepare to go. Beth and Rob are doing very well, Rob serves as Youth Pastor at the Elim Church in Yeovil, Somerset. Beth is thoroughly enjoying the opportunities she has to share her faith, as she works in a coffee shop. Daniel is finding his feet in South Africa and enjoys being back in Africa.
Thank you so much for interceding on our behalf, for supporting us and being there for us. We appreciate you all very much. Thanks for being part of this amazing journey we are on, your partnership is highly valued.
This comes with our love and the blessings of our Father.

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