Latest ASM Clinic Newsletter – Jenny Holtzhausen

ASM CLINIC NEWSFirst Edition – August 2017

Dear Friends,

Those of you who have been following our news over the years will know about the work of the ASM Mobile Clinic first in the village of Belfast, then for the past 17 years on Lulu Farm, in Kiepersol near Hazyview. You will also know of the amazing clinic we were able to build on the ASM property, opposite the campus, in 2002, and how God in his faithfulness has provided abundantly over these many years for us to provide an excellent standard of care to many needy people.
Month-by-month we receive feedback from satisfied patients who appreciate the love and care that they receive at the ASM Clinics. People continue to respond to the gospel message shared at the start of each day.
The number of farm workers attending the mobile clinic on the Kiepersol farm has dwindled to about half the number of people we used to see on Wednesdays. This is mainly due to the farmers employing less people, and no longer allowing partners and dependants to live with the workers on the farms. Recently farmers have also started making people move back to their villages and commute to work. This adds so many hours to an already long and hard day for them. Our dream is still to support these farm workers in any way that we can. In July we submitted an application to AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) for capacity building and mentorship. We trust that AFSA will assist us to establish Adherence / Chronic Clubs on the farms for people on ARVs and other chronic medication.
Exciting news is that in March this year we started another mobile clinic out reach. This occurs on Thursdays when a team of our part-time nurses set up a clinic in a “Wendy-house” on a church property in the Msholozi township just outside White River. Our goal is to take primary health care to needy people who struggle to access public health services. This describes the Msholozi community perfectly. There is no government clinic in Msholozi. The government mobile clinic visits the community twice a month to take medication to patients who are already diagnosed and on treatment for chronic diseases (however not HIV or TB).
The Msholozi community represents a broad spectrum of peoples from several African countries and varied levels of poverty. Having spent the last few years getting to know both communities we realised that access to good healthcare is a key to reaching the hearts of the people who live there. We realised that so few people know the privilege of being treated with dignity and care and often live with treatable, but debilitating illnesses. Children fall through the cracks and stop thriving. The most common obstacle for most people is having the money to get to a clinic in White River. ZAR26 or US$2 isn’t much, but somehow it’s still too much for most of them.

Our dream is to also train community volunteers who can do basic first aid and home management of common ailments, but also screen for HIV and TB in the community. Then to start Adherence / Chronic Clubs for those people on HIV, TB or other chronic medication.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and support over the many years that the ASM Clinic has been serving the local communities. Please continue to pray for God’s provision and favour as we all serve Him with joy and enthusiasm!

Warm regards,

Jenny Holtzhausen and Yvonne Woods

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