Latest News From Ghana – Samuel and Maria 

The following has been copied and pasted so has come out the way it has. You can still follow the very encouraging news though. 

Samaria Gospel of Love Mission “Home for God’s Love & Skills Acquisition for Hopeless & Needy” P.O. Box AD 524, #228 Ola Estate Cape Coast Ghana. Tel. +233-332138591; Via Venezia, 27 – 97019 Scoglitti Tel. +39-0932-871765 E-mail: / / _______________________________________________________________________________________ Bulletin N°20: September 2017 Fabrizio and Tatiana are young newlyweds. They wanted to tie the memory of their special day to a gesture that shared their happiness with those less fortunate. They did this by donating the money that they would have spent on wedding favors to help the children and the poor in Ghana. They demonstrated courage by breaking a tradition of waste to benefit many in need. With their contribution it was possible to donate pairs of shoes, a wheelchair to a poor and disable woman (see her testimony below), and some health insurance cards of the project “Save the Life”. With the photos and videos provided by SGLM, Fabrizio and Tatiana made a video and presented to their guests at their wedding day. Their comment: “What is better than a video that demonstrates how wonderful it feels to donate…your heart fills with joy when you see the happiness in the eyes of those children”. To view the video: Project “Save the Life” consists of aiding a sick child or adult in obtaining a healthcare card that give them access to hospital care and often will literally save their lives. Family doctors don’t exist, the only medical care is provided by hospitals. For urgent health problems, emergency rooms don’t accept patients if they don’t pay in advance .Very often children, adults and even pregnant women who can’t afford medical fees die, even for minor illnesses. With the health insurance card, people with urgent health problems have access to emergency care, while medicines and treatments for other illnesses are paid in part. You can also save a life; with very little, you can save the lives of many! In Italy From the 11th of July to the 12th of August, for the first time at SGLM Italy, was held the summer program “Summer for Christ”, which also included ”Mission Kids” for children. Amongst the children who attended, there were those who came from families who were not believers, so they could bring the freshness of the Word of God to their homes. We had the participation of volunteers from different parts of Italy: Latina, Naples, Palagonia, Scoglitti, Vittoria, etc… whom “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6        enriched the program with their skills and talents. We had moments of praise, worship, testimonies, teachings, puppets, flahmob, games, beach, art, etc… The children learned the Gospel through playing and having fun. The volunteers were able to trade their talents and at the same time being edified. During the evenings, we went to the main square with a gazebo to preach the Gospel, distribute flyers and at the same time to let SGLM and all the Lord has done, not only in Africa but also in Italy, be known. Many young and old people listened the Gospel and prayed for the first time of their life. The glory to God! Testimony: Sarah, 43 years old woman, already with six children, recently gave birth to another daughter. The woman’s condition was very precarious; due to a problem in her right leg that stopped her from walking, she was always sat on the ground, malnourished, sickly and sad. Confined to her hut from morning to night, day after day, year after year. Her husband couldn’t find work and her children didn’t go to school and were therefore always at outside, unwashed, without shoes, undressed, trying to scrape up food wherever they could find it. The husband, who could only find irregular work, began to attend SGLM church and asked to pray for his wife. During a visits to the village we understood the need of this family and we set about to help them. SGLM, with the help of donors, provided health insurance cards for the whole family and donated shoes and clothes; it sent the oldest three children to school and provided medical care for the woman during her pregnancy and childbirth. SGLM continues to provide aid for the newborn and her mother. Thanks to Fabrizio and Tatiana’s donation (see their testimony above) SGLM was able to provide a wheelchair for the woman, who is happy to finally move independently. Now all the family is able to attend church. The glory to God! Prayer Points: • Let’s us pray for Fabrizio and Tatiana, May God bless them in their union, reward them and use them again to restore the lives of many less fortunate ones. • Let’s pray for the children, the young people and the families in Italy who have had the opportunity to hear the Gospel for the first time, May God sprout and bring fruit to the sown seed. • Let’s us also pray for the volunteers who, in obedience to the great mandate of “Going to Preach the Gospel,” did so with joy at SGLM by trading their talents. May God bless them and use them even more. • Let’s pray for Ghana’s mission, for the various projects, and for all the children who started another school year, for many of them it is the first year of school. • Let’s pray for SGLM missionaries, this is a difficult time for them, may God provide for their health and financial needs, May God use them even more for His glory. • Let’s pray for SGLM Italia projects, we need wisdom and discernment to make the right decisions and the providence of the Lord. Poste Italiane Account name: Samaria Gospel of Love Mission – Iban: IT80Z0760117000001018121168 BIC/SWIFT cod.: BPPIITRRXXX CIN: Z, ABI: 07601, CAB: 17000, Account number: 00101812116 “He who has a generous eye will be blessed, for he gives of his bread to the poor.” Proverbs 22:9 

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