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The latest newsletter has been received. It’s from a different format and won’t copy exactly but the text content is the same.

Samaria Gospel of Love Mission

“Home for God’s Love & Skills Acquisition for Hopeless & Needy”

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Bulletin N°22: May 2018

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that come by Christ Jesus”.

(Rom. 3:23-24)

Visit of the President of AMI Foundation to SGLM Ghana

The purpose of the visit was to verify the projects that AMI supports, fortify our friendship and above all to increase the collaboration with SGLM. The president of AMI Foundation came with the

vice president, who is his sister, and with one of the administrators, who is his son and very soon will replace him. It was therefore an opportunity to get to know the son personally, to improve the future collaboration in between the two organizations.

The projects sponsored, in part, by AMI Foundation are Sewing, Music, Football and part of the construction of the classrooms. These projects enable children and young people to have a free alternative education and to have the opportunity in the future to find work; above all they will be engaged in educational activities, rather than being in the streets full of dangers that put at risk their life. Thanks to the great help received from AMI, SGLM is having the opportunity to help even young mothers, poor girls, who, for money reasons, have not been to school. Some of them used to sell in the streets, the little food

they could cook, so they could provide for their baby’s needs, and sometimes, unfortunately, they sold themselves too. To learn tailoring for them is a good opportunity to stop that kind of life and to have a job for the future. SGLM thanks all those of you, who joined to support this project, contributing the growth of the Kingdom of God in the village of Sanka. As you know, these projects are the platform for preaching the Gospel to those who would reject it at once. Some of them have already been baptised, glory to God! Please continue to pray for us, may God gives us openness and freedom to proclaim salvation in Christ Jesus. Remember we work in between Muslims and sorcerers, but we trust in God, who protects us and uses us for His glory, alleluia! The collaboration of AMI for these projects will end in May, but SGLM would like to continue to give to these young people the chance to succeed. We trust God, may He will provide to enable us to continue with the projects to help and save souls. Join us in prayer and let God to speak to your heart!

Renovation/Repairing at SGLM Ghana

As all of you know, last October SGLM suffered damages due to heavy storms and floods. We thank God for the provision and how soon after allowed us to clean up and create a bridge on the stream of water, making it easier for the children to go and come from the mission to school. SGLM thanks to all of you who contributed for it.

Recently, thank God, we managed to do other works: repairing doors, windows, bathrooms and repainting some of the rooms. We had a disinfestation cleaning, due to some insects that had sneaked inside the mission, especially in the children room and in the kitchen. We also started to paint some doors and windows and the courtyard

walls. Let’s continue to pray, because the works to do still to many, one of them is to build a short wall all around the banks of the small river that pass behind the mission house, which was the cause of the overflowing. We trust in God and in all of those who would like to collaborate. The rain season is very close, we pray that the Lord will

direct and balance the rain, protecting and delivering us from any other flood, damage and inconveniences. Protecting the children, keeping them in a good healthy and in a clean environment is our priority.

Children Meeting

The children cannot wait for the meeting to start, usually they come an hour before and some of them even 3 hours early. They learn how to pray and how to trust in God. The Word is preached simply and very often with creativity. There is time for games and also

for something to eat: Biscuits, Candies, Rice, Banku, Fish, Meat, Spaghetti, Pizza and so on and so forth, depends of what God provides and of what is available in the mission. During the meetings, if we notice children with instant special needs, we take care of them immediately, such as Wound medication, showers, change of clothes, shoes, etc. SGLM premises is their family shelter, their reference point, not only for them but also

for all those who is in need. Samaria Gospel of Love Mission is a refuge and a house of prayer for many.

Prayer Points:

1. Let’s pray for the proposal of the new projects of SGLM, our desire is to have a new bus, a school

with dormitories, the fence all around the headquarters. Nothing is impossible for God!

2. Let’s pray for the complete renovation/reparation of SGLM headquarter and the completion of the

church building, already started a year ago.

3. Let’s pray for the various training projects: Sewing, Music and Football, for finance, may students

can learn with diligence to apply in their lives to have a better future.

4. Let’s also pray for prayer meetings, Bible study, Sunday worship and children meetings. Our desire

is to make soldiers of Christ, young people, men and women to go out, and to fight for the

advancement of the Kingdom of God.

5. Let’s pray for workers, we should pray and we should never cease to pray. We urgently need serious

workers, called by the Lord, willing to take responsibility of leadership.

Give with a click directly on FB or on the website of Samaria Gospel of Love Mission. Or traditionally: Poste Italiane Account name: Samaria Gospel of Love Mission – Iban: IT80Z0760117000001018121168 BIC/SWIFT cod.: BPPIITRRXXX CIN: Z, ABI: 07601, CAB: 17000, Account number: 00101812116

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