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What a wonderful God we serve!! News for the year!! It is always difficult to put to paper what has been happening these few years. When Val left ASM clinic we found work difficult. Mainly because Jenny and I run the clinic on our own. Thankfully we have devoted part timers that extend themselves when possible.

​​​​​Posing for a picture!!!

We have had many problems happening these last few years!! However we can rejoice that God is our support and our source.

Due to the government changes we were no longer able to offer the Nursing Program, the government was causing small nursing schools to close down of which we were one of them. This caused a financial strain to ASM.

However the clinic was thriving, where patients would come from quite a distance to be treated. We put this down to the care and the respect that we give to our patients. We understand that the public clinics are overloaded which means to get through the work some patients are neglected at times.


Last Friday I spoke to a family that I wanted the father to be admitted to hospital, the son refused, his complaint was there is no medication and no food, the families had to bring in food for their loved ones. He had other complaints that I will not mention. I have treated the father for years, he actually demanded that I do not return to Australia! These last months I have seen a decline in his health no matter what we did, he came to see us the Friday he looked very sick, and I was tearful, I thought I am going to loose him. I found out that he was given a medication from a ‘doctor’ two weeks ago, that is called Amiloretic 50/5mg he was ordered this 3 x a day (150mg) being a diabetic he is only allowed 12.5mg a day!!!!! We often find errors (not as major as this). I contacted a born again doctor, I took bloods and are awaiting the result (she did not see any point in seeing him as I had done all that could be done at the time).



One of our major funders challenged us to get a memorandum of understanding with the government as this would ensure continuous funding from them. Jenny had been working on this fervently, this has taken years to put in place and we were at the provincial level to getting it approved, unfortunately the person that we were dealing with became sick and left. When Jenny went to get the MOU they directed her back to the district level, even though see told them that it was agreed on at provincial level. Since that time, they do not want to give us an MOU with the clinic. We are still working on this so please keep us in prayer. Are we defeated No!!! We have an amazing God that is able to change the minds of government and if not we still fully trust Him.


Jenny last year found that she had cancer, again it’s amazing how God works through our difficulties when we rely on Him! Jenny changed her health insurance so she decided to take advantage of the tests that were available. The first test caused her to make a major decision – to have a hysterectomy. The second test put that on hold when found she had cancer. Not to let her family down she decided on having the operation in the New Year. I asked Val who was coming out to visit to put it off till I could go home on furlough. So she planned to leave it till later, however Val listened to the Lord rather than me. She felt that the Lord said end of April (I think that’s correct). Well this was so correct, Jenny had her op that put her out of action, so Val and I looked after the clinic, then in April – May Jenny and I had to attend a week’s study on leadership and governance (96hrs- with an added pre assignment and a post assignment). Also Cathy Middleton (our part timer) ripped her rotator cuff, which meant she was not able to help in our clinic but also I had to go and help at Msholozi clinic – another outreach that the part time staff started and ASM clinic is the covering body so it is considered ASM Clinic outreach!!


Unfortunately I have to get ready to go on another week study which is on Human Resource and risk management. Why are we doing this, we are looking for more funders as we are possibly opening another two outreaches!!!

I was asked if I would like to share at the week we did the Governance, so I shared on faith (Jesus walking on the water) at the end I challenged them about intimacy with Jesus – no response. Three days later a lady asked if she could sit with me, she said I want to know more about intimacy with Jesus. How wonderful that she wanted a deeper walk with the Saviour!!!


Such a short notice but I have to be at Ermalo by 1300 hrs


Thank you for all of your support it does not go unnoticed by the Lord (and me).

Have been at Ermelo for a few days now but I had to sit an exam today as well as hand the human resource manual we had to fill in. we were given another today where we have to hand in on Saturday and sit another exam!!!


Blessings xxxx




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