ABOUT SICM (Home page)

Hello and welcome to the SICM site…

SICM was officially launched in September 1992 by Rev. Stewart Bloor. Over the previous year or so, Stewart had been asked if he could send cassettes of his Sunday sermons to a fellow minister in Ghana. Little did he realise that from such small beginnings, an organisation would develop which would then go on to touch the lives of many people around the world.

By February 1996 a governing document was drawn up and submitted to the Charity Commission. We were accepted as a Registered Charity (1057488) the same year, thus not only giving us the advantage of tax benefits via the Inland Revenue, but also the credibility that comes with the status.

As an organisation our charitable status means a lot to us, not simply because we can claim tax back on certain UK donations, but because it shows that we have met the high standards that have been set in order for charitable status to be granted.

From the early days of sending cassettes into Ghana, the work we do has expanded and developed along the way. We are now very much a support ministry enabling those on the field to be more effective in what they do.

You can check out up-to-date news via the daily posts that appear on the site.

We’re always looking for volunteers to work with us so if you have the desire and can spare your time and abilities even for just a few hours a month, then get in touch.

Currently we’re looking at developing the child sponsorship potential. Interested? We’d love to hear from you. Whatever your interest though, get in touch. You never know where it may end up.

What about getting involved in missions without leaving your front room? Sounds good? Check out HERE for more details.


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