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Better service to customers. Under this phase of production planning, basic ground work on the product design, layout design and work flow are prepared.

Production planning is the planning of production and manufacturing modules in a company or industry. It utilizes the resource allocation of activities of employees, materials and production capacity , in order to serve different customers. Different types of production methods, such as single item manufacturing, batch production , mass production , continuous production etc.

Production Planning and Control: Objectives, Importance, and Limitations

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For efficient, effective and economical operation in a manufacturing unit of an organization, it is essential to integrate the production planning and control system. Production planning and subsequent production control follow adaption of product design and finalization of a production process. Production planning and control address a fundamental problem of low productivity, inventory management and resource utilization. Production planning is required for scheduling, dispatch, inspection, quality management, inventory management, supply management and equipment management. Production control ensures that production team can achieve required production target, optimum utilization of resources, quality management and cost savings.

Production planning and control is an important task of Production Manager. It has to see that production process is properly decided in advance and it is carried out as per the plan. Production is related to the conversion of raw materials into finished goods. This conversion process involves a number of steps such as deciding what to produce, how to produce, when to produce, etc. These decisions are a part, of production planning. Merely deciding about the task is not sufficient.

Objectives of Production Planning and Control

Production planning and control is a predetermined process which includes the use of human resource, raw materials, machines etc. PPC is the technique to plan each and every step in a long series of separate operation. It helps to take the right decision at the right time and at the right place to achieve maximum efficiency.

The ultimate objective of production planning and control, like that of all other manufacturing controls, is to contribute to the profits of the enterprise. As with inventory management and control, this is accomplished by keeping the customers satisfied through the meeting of delivery schedules. Specific objectives of production planning and control are to establish routes and schedules for work that will ensure the optimum utilization of materials, workers, and machines and to provide the means for ensuring the operation of the plant in accordance with these plans. Production Planning and Control Functions All of the four basic phases of control of manufacture are easily identified in production planning and control. The plan for the processing of materials through the plant is established by the functions of process planning, loading, and scheduling.

Production Planning & Control | Meaning | Objectives | Elements | Stages

Production Planning and Control: Meaning, Characteristics and Objectives

Production Planning and Control: Objectives, Importance, and Limitations…Planning and control are interrelated and interdependent. Planning is meaningless unless control action is taken to ensure the success of the plan. Control also provides information feedback which helps modify the existing plans and in making new plans. Similarly, control is dependent on planning as the standards of performance are laid down under planning.

Production And Operations Management Tutorial. IT Skills. Management Skills. Communication Skills. Business Skills. Digital Marketing Skills. Human Resources Skills.

By PlanetTogether. Planning and control are interdependent and interrelated to each other, meaning one needs the other in order to work. Planning is a useless tool without control to take action and ensure that the plan is executed successfully. Control is also able to provide information feedback, which aids in the modification of existing plans and in making new plans. Production planning and control is a necessity for manufacturing operations around the globe that are seeking to maintain a competitive advantage. Production planning and control enables manufacturers to be able to effectively generate a production plan, execute it, and ultimately take control of the operation through continuous improvement. Control is also depending on planning as the standards of performance are laid down under planning.

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    The main objectives of PPC may be summarized as followings: a) It is used to establish target and check the deviations by comparing on some performance.

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    Important functions covered by production planning and control (PPC) function in any manufacturing system are shown in Table1along with the issues to be.

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