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A Study of Cost, Revenue, and Profit Efficiency of Commercial Banks in Cambodia Using DEA Approach

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Since when Chinese reforming and opening-up policy was carried out, the speed of economic development has become very fast, in which the financial industry played a critical role through the commercial banks. In , the net interest income of Chinese five commercial banks above was high to RMB 1. Non-performing loan NPL is taken as an important indicator in the evaluation of bank efficiency. At the end of , non-performing loans of Chinese commercial banks amounted to RMB The amount of the balance of non-performing loans of Chinese commercial banks continued to rise to RMB This phenomenon indicates that Chinese commercial banks have constant pressure on slashing non-performing loans which could no doubt depress the operating efficiency of Chinese banks.

Cost and profit efficiency of Chinese banks: A non-parametric analysis

Please download the R2. Note that R Studio can have many R versions working under it. You may also even add the currersnt R version Download R 3. Also, urgently ensure that you have the following packages installed before coming to class: Benchmarking, Nonparaeff, FEAR when you have R version 2. Also type the R commands in the slides before coming to lectures. Lee, T.

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School of Economics, The University of Queensland. Allen N.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Dong Published Business. Since the open door policy was embarked upon in , China s banking sector has undergone gradual but notable reforms. A key objective of the reforms implemented by the Chinese government is to build an effective, competitive and stable banking system in order to improve its efficiency and reliability.

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