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Gass, John S.

Some lime ago. The author said he would he happy to do it. Ilous parent

Persuasion: Social Influence and Compliance Gaining first helps students understand established theories and models of persuasion. It then encourages them to develop and apply general conclusions about persuasion in real-world settings. The 5th edition explores how social media continues to be a form of influence, but it also looks at grassroots movements, such as the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, and traditional forms of persuasion, such as advertising, marketing, and political campaigning. Robert H.

Persuasion: Social Influence and Compliance Gaining, 5e

Some lime ago. The author said he would he happy to do it. Ilous parent Wh;Hcvcr the ca.. In one. Onc ad featurl!

The second gradcr It did not take long to di Arter all. If pcr'LltI,ion were "hao" and hc taught it. Of course. Indeed, from time to time, those who study and teach social inlluencc have been criticized harshly.

In the fifth century B. Plato derided the first teachers of persuasion for "making the worse appear the better reason" Corbell, , p. Its highest critic More recently still. The act of changing others not only establishes the power of the rhelor over other!

With such criticisms in mind and reputations at stake! Before we do so, however, we think it important to address two related issues. At first glance. When examining this issue. No longer are the pages of journals glutAs a result of these disciplinary trends.

Though observations such as thes. To be certain. Miller and Burgoon concluded that the study of persuasion has not wavered; it has simply changed focus and direction. Persuasion is a dynamic area of srudy. On the one hand.

Instead, interest in various aspects of persua-. This ebb and flow of interesl is evidenced by research on cognitive dissonance, which flourished in Ihe s and I s, entered a period of Ihe doldrums in Ihe I s and s. At one point. Leon Festinger, who created Cognitive Dissonance. Theory, Slopped conducling research on the Iheory altogether. I left and Slopped doing research on the theory of cognitive dissonance because I was in a total rut.

The only thing I could think about was how correct. Ihe original slalement had been" p. In a recent volume by Harmon-Jones and Mills Eds. In short, then, despite what skeplics and pessimisls might say. In addition to noting the unwavering nature of interest in persuasion research. That is. Focusing on such instances alone. Think, for example, as the author and his son did for the rest of Iheir fishing Irip, of all Ihe good Ihings that persuasion mighl accomplish.

Withoul persuasion, how does a physician urge a diabetic patient to layoff sweets or get more exercise? How does a friend. How does a mother warn her five-year-old child never 10 take rides from strangers? We hope you see our pain!. The list of good things that can be accomplished through persuasion is endless. The arguments of some critics, however, focus less on the ends of persuasion and instead point accusing fingers at the means by which persuasion is accomplished.

For example. In contrast, their approach, an "invitational approach" to rhetoric, emphasizes cooperation and dialogue.

One person is trying to communicate with another. We respecI this poinl of view. Indeed, we would be among the first to acknowledge that in our patriarchal society, people often fail to recognize incentives for cooperative communication. They presume that communication encounters are competitive or adversarial in nature. They overlook their interdependence and view communication as a. They neglecI shared or communal approaches 10 problem solving and decision making.

You could begin by inviting the aggressor to engage in a dia-. But what if the aggressor spurned your invitation'? Would you simply say, "Oh well, I tried" and resign you rself to the fact that the world is full of injustices? We think it would be better to resort to persua The women's suffrage movement was a persuasive campaign. So was the women's rights movement that began in the s.

So are the efforts to We don't think that women who lOil in sweatshops. Persuasion is essential precisely. From an ethical standpoint. Rightly employed. In other words. It all depend! In short. Although we believe that this point addresses the previously mentioned critici The fact that unethical persuaders are lurking around corners.

On the contrary. This, of course. By expos in g some of the bells and whistles advertisers use to appeal to children, he hoped to make the chi ldren more crit ical consumers of the persuas. Learn ing about pe rsuasion is an exccllent dc fense! We reali ze. Th is. Whil e so me critics mi ght shudder at th is prospcc t, we view the abilit y to influence oth ers as a fund ame nt al ingredi ent of communi cati on competence.

And we are not a lone. Spitzbe rg and C upach 1 reported th at an indi vidual' s abilit y to adapt e ffec ti ve ly in order to ac hi eve goa ls is perh aps the most universall y accepted aspect of communi catio n competence. Th is abil ity, th ey noted. Co mpete nt com mu nicators are persuas ive. They know how to adapt successfull y in orde r to ac hi eve thei r goa ls.

With the above in mind. Imag inc. Whil e we have no qu a lms abo ut teac hin g stud ent s to become more effec tive persuaders. Happil y. By way of exa mple. S imilarl y, Broc kri ede co mpared e thical pe rsuaders or arg uers to " lovers. Finall y. We can not overemphasizc, for exampl e. We believe th at persuasion is ge nerall y more e thi cal whe n people are made aware that they are be in g influe nced and whe n th ey ha ve unconditiona l freedo m to say " no" to influence att empts.

Before offe ring our final reason, thou gh. Specifically, those who argue against the stud y of persuasion are themselves com mittin g a Til quoque fallacy, that is. In the process of criticizing persuasion.

This approac h raises an interesting dilemma: How can one commun icate one's beliefs. Look around yo u. Eac h day you are bombarded w ith messages, adverti sements. Consider, for example.

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Gass, John S. Seiter Grounded in contemporary scholarship, Persuasion: Social Influence, and Compliance Gaining not only provides a comprehensive of overview of persuasion theory and application, but also engages students in the thoughtful evaluation of the role that persuasive messages play in their own everyday lives. This Fourth Edition guides students from understanding established theories and models of persuasion, to being able to develop and apply general conclusions about persuasion in real-world settings. The authors present a social-scientific perspective of persuasion that includes in a wide variety of contexts and connects with students by drawing on numerous real-life examples and applications of persuasion. Why buy the new edition of this text, the cost-conscious student may reasonably ask. Why not settle for an older, used edition?

(Book) Persuasion: Social Influence and Compliance Gaining Epub PDF. The 5th edition explores how social media continues to be a form of and Compliance Gaining, Read Book PDF Persuasion: Social Influence and.

Persuasion, Social Influence, and Compliance Gaining (4th Edition)

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Persuasion : social influence, and compliance gaining

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Persuasion: Social Influence and Compliance Gaining, 6th Edition by Robert H

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